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What is wrong with this girl?!

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I posted this earlier, but it got deleted so I'm going to give it another shot...



There was this girl that I became fast friends with at the beginning of the year. She's in my math class, and we found out we had quite a bit in common. The first few times we talked she invited me to go out to lunch with her, but I said I didn't have the money so she took me out. She also took me home from school twice, and I gave her some money. She didn't have any friends, and she hangs out with only her boyfriend and family members. She was home schooled all of her life, so Im thinking that could be why she's somewhat anti social. She told me she used to have friends, but when she got with her boyfriend over a year ago they all left her because it was a huge scandal in the home school world and they all wanted to get with him and spited her because of it.


I don't really understand, because this girl was borderline obsessed with me. When we first met, she would ask me extremly personal questions and we'd go to Starbucks and we took some pictures, and for her main photo on myspace she had one of her with her arms around me. She only had 15 friends on myspace (obvious reasons) and I was her number 3. She told me how cool I was, and how we would have to have a sleep over and hang out more.


Almost every outfit I wore to school, no matter how casual, she would always give me compliments on. Say how cute I looked, and pretty etc, and she acted she geuinly cared for me.


She and her boyfriend came over to my house one time and she was marveling at all of my graphic novels. When she left she texted about how much fun she had.


Friday she wasn't at school, and I asked her why. She wasn't replying to my messages so finally saturday I asked her what the deal was. She texts, "I didn't feel the need to" followed by a "joking"


And then I asked her why she wasn't at school and she goes, "Because you were there" followed by a "hah kidding."


Finally she came out wiith, "Look, I'm not trying to be mean, but I really don't like you. So I'm going to stop replying to your messages. It's nothing you did, I just dont like you."




I'm very confused, either this chick is bipolar or has some serious issues. You don't become close friendtes with someone for a month then decide you dont "like them"


I'm VERY out going and social, and have no problems with making friends. I'm friends with everyone, and generally get along with everyone. I've never had someone dislike me unless they felt threatned etc. I have 4 close friends. 3 girl, 1 boy. Cheryl of 10 yrs, Heather of 7, Allie of 5, and Scott of 3. All of these people have stuck by my side no matter what, so its obvious that I don't have trouble keeping long and lasting friendships. And the girlfriends I've had, we rarely ever get into arguments or disputes.


Im constantly making new friends. This girl started acting a little weird after I met her boyfriend. She knows I would never be interested and Im very in love with my boyfriend, but I was talking about my writing, sining talents, etc and he seemed quite interested and was asking me questions etc. Maybe she felt threatened. He's like all she has, and she gets VERY jelouse.


Last week she was kind of iffy and still talking to me like best friends, but kept blowing me off for lunch etc.


But when she was sick she told me to ask the teacher and I told she was sick and she was so thankful. Whenevr I wouildn't show up to class or was like 1 minute late, she would always text me asking where I was, give me little good morning texts etc.


But now she doesn't like me? Im totaly confused...Either she got threatned by me, or her boyfriend may of told her not to hang out with me or something. I don't know. He's extremly controlling and even tellls her she cant wear certain outfiits etc.


Could someone please enlighten me what the deal with this chick could be??

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Also, maybe it could be the age difference?


When it comes to friends, I am very ANTI drama. Even in high school I seemed more mature because I never affiliated with drama. If any came to me, Id cut it out. I only really had it in middle school, and that was due to one person.


But this is both of our first year at college, she's only 17, and I'm nearly 20.


Everyone at school seems pretty grown up and out of the drama phase, but she is by far the youngest person I know of there.

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Nah I'm not into that. If I've ever said anything, it was only good things.


Like she said "It was nothing I did, she just doesn't like me"


Umm what?


I've never had somone do that to me. Maybe loose contact and go separate ways, but never be blantantly rude and say, "Hey I don't like you"

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So she had friends, then she started seeing her bf & now she is no longer friends with them. She became friends with you, her bf came with her to your house, and now she is no longer friends with you. See a pattern? Maybe her bf is very judgemental and anyone he decides he doesn't like, she will do the same. Or maybe he is very controlling over her & doesn't want her to have any friends.


Either way it isn't your problem, just stop trying to talk to her or figure it out. It is her problem & her choice to drop you.

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It's quite hard for me to dislike someone.


I only dislike someone who is rude/mean to me, or my friends. Or who is just a rude person in general. Has the personality type of a pig and is always saying neagative things and like men who objectify women etc.


That's totaly normal. And usualy if someone does something I don't like, and they say they're sorry, I'm always very forgiving.


But just not liking someone after being close friends for no reason?? I find that VERY strange.

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yeah - that's why i'm not all for home schooling kids. i think they miss out on some important socialization. she sounds like an odd duck.


i remember i once asked a friend of mine to attend a show i was going to be in (the show was on a saturday night, 4 months in the future). my friend told me she would not be there, because she was tired, and preferred to spend her saturday nights staring at a ceiling and relaxing. i was so pissed at her. ok, it's one thing if she's not into dance recitals, she could have just looked at her calendar and told me she had other plans (like what a normal person would say!) obviously, telling someone that you'll be asleep on your sofa 4 months from now on a saturday night is really rude and anti-social. it took me a good 6 months before i would speak to her again.

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I find that VERY strange.


It is strange for her to SAY this...I agree. It's not so strange for people to feel it.


I think when you meet someone and then start to hang out together it can be all very exciting and new. But after a while that can wear off and you start to realise well we just don't have much in common or he/she is just not my sort of person.

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Yeah it just seems weird.


she told me that these girls dropped her because they all wanted to get with her boyfriend and backastabbed her etc.


He seemed to like me alot. And I texted her afterwards and told her that her bf was funny.


She seemed kind of weird and I was like, "Did your bf not like me or something?" Because this did cross my mind, but she was like, "No, it has nothing to do with him."


I mean, I love my boyfriend, but I would be TOTALY alone without my friends.


What if her and her bf break up? She will have NOBODY.


I told my boyfriend about this, and he thinks that their relationship prob wont last much longer with how controlling he is.

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Melrich, I've had this happen with guys before, but NEVER friends.


Worst comes to worse, we just stop talking and become distant. And that happens far longer then just a month.


This happened with this one girl I was friends with last semester, who was also kind of weird, but we were friends a whole semester and only stopped staying in contact after winter break etc. I dont even think she attends my school anymore.


THAT is normal. What she is doing, is not.

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I know, I know, my boyfriend tells me not to dwell but I can't help it!


Whenever something like this happens, I cant block it out. I think, "well maybe if I had done something differently" and she's in my math class, so I'm still going to have to see her everyday.


If she wasn't, I could forget about it easily. Out of sight, out of mind. Well, not this time!


I just can't understand it, because I really did like her and I was glad to make a new friend and then she goes bipolar on me.

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She sounds kinda rude...it doesn't matter if she feels this way, she should not have said that, especially since you are in class together. She could have chosen to be polite for the period of time that the class lasts, but she chose not to. Well, I would just ignore her. She seems tactless and not that socially aware.

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No I wasn't.


It was a photo thread and we were posting pics of ourselves, friends, SO's, and family.


we have commonly removed photos when it's been clear that we don't have the other party's consent. since this girl essentially "defriended" you by your own story, i'm guessing she wouldn't like you reposting these photos with her in them. could just be laziness that she hasn't changed the myspace photo.


i remember another thread where a guy had a crush on a girl and he posted her photo. we removed that photo also.


in either case, the photo isn't really relevant to the story you are telling.

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