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Happythirstday Marikina visit | Mic...
Happythirstday Marikina visit | Michael's Hut

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The best sex of my life.


I was really into making it happen, as its Valentine's Day and all. Had this great vegetarian lunch, wonderful African food for dinner, fruit and such on the inbetween. Bonded all day over work and play. Don't know what happened. It was like everything clicked.


I only came once, but I embraced this meditative mentality part way through and it was like I'd been transported to another universe of understanding. Wow. Nothing like that before. It's I'm buzzing, really, at a frequency well beyond my previous comprehension. I think she orgasmed at least 25 times. Man. This kind of thing has never happened to me before. I've had some excellent sex, but this was... Transcendent. A religious experience.


Had to tell someone. I'd be a cad, talking about it to my friends, so I'm here. Gotta figure out how to get this feeling to happen every time!

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