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A lonely valentine was he


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A Lonely Valentine Was He



Walking along the busy street in the morning light,

He sees her from a distance, eyes blue and bright,

He wonders today just how far they can see,

One lonely Valentine was he.


On to the school bus he mournfully strides,

Sombrely anticipating another day’s routine exercise,

From her shop window she sees the bus go by,

Focussed on her own tedious daily grind, she releases a sigh.


And slowly another Valentine’s Day rolls on,

He ponders what he can do before another one is gone,

Perhaps she too is seeking the interest of a similar lonesome heart,

Or merely a simple smile from someone who is poles apart?


She gestures politely to those who come and go,

If only each Valentine rose she sold were a gift from above,

The shop is quiet as the end of another working day draws near,

Blissfully unaware that her destiny may soon be here.


Off the bus he strolls, his youthful nerves abound,

Into the shop he strolls, a flower in his hand,

A tender smile and heartfelt stare was all that was there, but that was fine,

For no longer was this young man a lonely Valentine.

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