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I have a quiestion. Input from anyone is welcome.


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Did this person have a kid? If so, was that part of the problem in the relationship?


And yes, it's normal to miss someone after breaking up with them. Even if you were the one to end things...but if this person is not what you really wanted, then you should be happy you are no longer with them.

Give it time.

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She had the kid. I guess I wanted a girlfriend that could I could do things with and not just on the weekend when her child was with her father. Is that selfish? by the way her daughter was great, we got along awesome.




No, it doesn't mean you're selfish, it just means that you two are not a good match, nothing wrong with that.


As far as missing her, I'm sure that's normal, and I'm sure she was a good person, just make sure you let her know your feelings, and leave it at that.


All the best...

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