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What could be wrong?

She's Not Texting Me Like She U...
She's Not Texting Me Like She Used To

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I am wanting to ask some of you for your thoughts on something. I've been in a relationship with my girlfriend for 1.5 years, and things have been going really well (or so i thought).


Anyway, a few weeks ago she left overseas on a tour. I got a little worried because I didn't hear anything from her (she has my email and postal address, so no reason why i shouldn't). I figured she must have just been having a good time, and didn't end up going to net cafes or something.


She gets back later next week, and yesterday i rang her mother to tell her that i wouldn't be able to make it to the airport as i couldn't get any time off work (her mother had told me to ring her and let her know if i was going to be there or not). In passing, i asked her if she had heard much from her daughter, and she said "yeah, she's been e-mailing me every few days and i've got a few postcards".


This is really confusing to me, I really thought she would have kept in touch with me if she had the means to. Things were great before she left, so i'm really at a loss trying to comprehend what's going on.


Has anyone had something like this happen to them? Any thoughts?

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