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My Valentines day card's note any good?


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Hey people, not sure where to post this topic, anyways.


I made this card and wrote the following. I would like to know from the young ladies out there what their opinion is and their criticism on my note please.


Here it is


To my love


The past we have had together has been the best time of my life. You melt my heart, make me glow and make me content with life. In this life, nobody will ever know happiness like mine, because nobody has you in their life like I do.


You have proven to me that God can create a perfect being, and I am blessed and proud to be the one who gets to care for His standard of perfection.


When I see your smile and look through your eyes into your soul, I know then that I have the most sweetest and most perfect being God has created. I thank God every day for you.


I will love you forever and always with a passion that no other force can compare to.


Love you tons and tons babe


From Xxxxx

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