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How to escalate a conversation to a kiss


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So ive recently gained a new sense of confidence in approaching women, however one area i am really lacking in is the build up of sexual tension. I have managed to get girls numbers, but i cant generate that moment to lean in for a kiss. It is really holding me back in some areas, even on dates i just can get that moment. I know alot of you say (and i agree) that it just happeneds, but for me it doesnt.


I can start to flirt and be playful but i dont know how to escalate it from their into a kiss. I will admit also i am cautious about it (due to fear of rejection) aswell. So i guess what im asking is


1) how can i build up to that moment (do i pause when talking, look into their eyes, and slowly lean in?)


2) is there a way to read if she wants a kiss or not?? or do i have to go out on a limb and hope??

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Sometimes it can be easier when you're already close. Like when cuddling, or if you're in a movie theatre and your faces are close to each other (she's leaning on your shoulder)


just don't interrupt at the good part of the movie!

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In the moments before a kiss there needs to be a mutual desire, which is caused by the moments before it happens. I think a woman is most likely to want to be kissed when you two are sitting down comfortably, with some type of privacy. (BEFORE eating, NOT after.)


You may want to drop a hint by eating a piece of minty gum and offering them one as well, which some people understand as meaning I want to kiss you.


Read their body language: the person will look you in the eyes, look at your lips repeatedly, smile after they do so, and bite their bottom lip if they really want you bad enough. If they seem day-dreamy while you are speaking to them or can't seem to focus.. well you are in the zone - make your move! If they put their hand on your leg, or hold your hand etc they are probably ready for some kind of physical contact as well and might like a kiss.


Think about those times when you feel like "aw I want to kiss her/him"


- After you two have a good laugh together

- Upon returning home from a date and you two want to say "goodnight"

- When other people are being romantic and the mood strikes you both

- During a movie in a love scene

- At a wedding

- After giving a gift, or exchange of something either of you is grateful for

- When either of you do something thoughtful for each other

- To say you are sorry if you bump heads or something silly


There's a lot of opportunities, just remember the more pleasant the act itself is, the more likely they are to initiate it next time so fear no rejection just follow their body language and find the appropriate moment.


Remember some people are VERY afraid of PDA (public display of affection) so you are less likely to be "turned away from" if you make sure you two have some privacy.


If you are all out nervous, use a buffer such as saying: "You are just amazing, I could just kiss you!"


They will either kiss you first, look into your eyes waiting for you to do it, or they will kinda shy and back off - their reaction will tell you if it's something they are comfortable with or not.


Best of luck!


- Brett

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(BEFORE eating, NOT after.)


My first kiss and first girlfriend lol!


Well I was waiting downstairs in the game room basement, she went for dinner (lassagnia (sp?))


Anyway, she came back and her taste was dreadful. I made up an excuse to go home!!!



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Personally, when waiting for a kiss, I send hints through my body language. If he gives me a hug, I might just look up at him and smile a little, tilt my head to the side and let him know (through playful body language) that I'm waiting for his kiss. This always works on my end.


However, there are times when you must be the one to go in "for the kill" (haha). Taking kisses is okay too, and when this has been the case, I simply let them know (again, playfully) that I'm going to kiss them. I might say something like, "Well, I've been waiting for you, but I guess I'm going to have to do everything myself!" and giggle a little so they don't take it offensively.


It's always easier to keep things light during a first kiss. Nothing too serious and don't try to be all mushy at first. Just have fun!!

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It should be natural if you're escalating properly.


Platonic conversation transitions into more personal conversation, then more sexual talk. Your body language will slowly transition was well, from gentle touches on her arms and shoulders to lingering touches and then hand on leg, handholding, etc. By that time if you're not gonna go for it she'll probably kick you in the balls for building up all that tension and disappointing her.

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