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What does he want????


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Ok, well my x-bf and I are REALLY good friends! But the thing is that, I STILL LOVE HIM TO DEATH! Even though we broke up a year ago. See heres the thing, i think he likes me to because... he is ALWAYS wanting to talk to me, and all that.... but the thing is... he likes this other girl!And he tells me everything... here is the things he has done...

1: He came over to my house, and we were watching a movie and i was pratically LAYING IN HIS LAP!

2: He loves talking to me! And loves to hang out with me

3: He always wants hugs

4: He is a big flirt!

5: Askes me who i like!

6: Thinks im pretty

7: There was a saturday night where i was laying in his lap... and he was playin with my hair.. and playing footsy and all thatHeres the problem, he likes these other girls... and when i told him i liked him.. he said that he doesnt want me to like him, bc he cant like me bak! But now, since i told him i dont like him... hes acting like he likes me... But hes always talking about all these other girls...! He keeps asking Who do u like? If you could go out with anyone who would it be me? And he said : The person you like u can reach but the person who really luv is right under ur nose and u dot know it! Is that person you?When we play baskettball, hes always really close when hes guarding me... However when he tells me the girls he likes he never names me! I dont know what to do... he keeps asking me who i like, and if one guy could go out with me who would it be.... I mean if he likes someone he tells them... I dont know! So what should I do?




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Hi Lucy,


Thank you again for coming back to our forum for advice. I see that you are still very confused and I totally understand why.


I see that you like this young man very much and that you have difficulties breaking away from him. Especially because he is saying and giving you signals that he really really likes you.


I am not sure what is going on but I do know that guys and girls at your age in general are still looking around to see what they expect out of life and what they need. So from that point of view it is understandable how your friend reacts.


I am a little bit worried, though. It is not said that he really is/thinks this way, but it might be a possibility. Could it be possible that he sees you as a 'safe haven'? He IS seeing/talking to other girls, but as soon as that doesn't work out at least he knows that YOU will be there for him for comfort. It looks like that he is doing this to you. I must stress, though, that this is just a POSSIBILITY. It is NOT said that he is like this.


Anyway, down to my suggestions. I see you having two options:


1) Stick with him, still feeling confused

I don't find this an ideal option, but if it works for you, then why change a winning team? I must tell you though, that when you choose for this option, you will ALWAYS be and feel confused, until he comes around and choose for you. Bear in mind that he does NOT know if he IS going to choose for you. You might end up feeling hurt anyway, because he might go and be another girl's b/f.


2) Break away

This is probably very hard for you to do and not your ideal solution to this problem. But if you feel that the confusion is really hurting you, then it might be a better idea to stay away from him. It will cause you less pain in the long run.


I hope I was of help again for you, Lucy and I wish you good luck in your decision and life.


~ SwingFox ~

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