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My friends embarrassed me but i think it worked out for the best.


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Well we were out this weekend and I got chatting with him for most of saturday night I wasn't brave enough to ask him if he liked me but we ended up walking to my house at 7am sunday morning he threw snowballs at me along the way when we got to my house he pulled me on the couch wouldnt let go, figured out i was extremely tickilish and used it against me unfortunately my dad got up just as we were about to kiss. So sunday evenin we went back to the pub with our friends for the night. My friends kept saying to me infront of him to pounce on him #-o that is how they get lads this went on for a couple of hours infront of him anyway eventually another friend of mine (lets call him james) sick of me not doing anything asked the guy if he fancied me to which he said he did

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