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I finally ended IT.


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So...if any other people havent read my posts, I was very much into this painfully shy guy at work and went absolutely crazy trying hard to read into signs......really insane.


and then once i quit the job i was friends with him on facebook and he NEVER initiated conversation with me ever(apart from replying)...and its been like more than a year!!....infact he talked to pretty much everyone else, except me....


so I got quite annoyed with the whole thing..and just had about enough...so today i deleted him forever from my life.

Im not in touch with him in any other way now.


Hopefully he wont notice...Dont think he will. hes got an exiciting life, apparently from his photos, im sure he wont.


I feel a lil liberated, a lil guilty and sad, but this is clearning my life for someone worth it....so tis all good.....ahem...right?

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I'm very glad you finally decided to not give him more of your time!, he seems to have done nothing to earn it and either he enjoyed the free attention or he's a loser who can't be bothered to tell you directly he's doesn't even want to be your friend.


He doesn't sound that shy to me, more like a person who just likes to take from others and always finds excuses for his poor behaviour.


It it the best you could do, he's not going to change and no matter how nice he looks or pretends to be there's nothing like peace of mind and not allowing somebody else to mess you up.


If he does notice you removed him and perhaps even asks why you did it I hope you don't reply, don't give him anything else, keep him out forever.


No reason to feel guilty though, you did what you had to.

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i'm kind of puzzled as to what you ended. doesn't seem like you had anything with him.


That's what I'm thinking too. Maybe to him you were just friends or acquaintances, and he never realized you were into him. Just because someone doesn't initiate conversation with you doesn't make them a bad person. At least even if he wasn't interested in you, he didn't lead you on just give you the cold shoulder.

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