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How should I go about this...?


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I have a good friend, whom I've been interested in for quite some time now. We're in two classes, one now since he's dropped the other one, but we spend a lot of time just talking afterward or on YIM. He walks me to class every time we have class, even though his next class is accross campus and we always hug before we leave. He even drives to campus to pick me up at night, when I had a night class, just to take me home so I wouldn't have to walk in the dark (it's about a 20 minute walk to and from campus).


We've gone out twice, just us, to see a movie and then to dinner. He paid for the movie and the other outing I paid for the dinner, even though he told me not to. It was always fun and we found out that we have a lot in common.


Recently, he has been constantly telling me that we "need" to get together to do something, whether it be a movie, out to dinner, or to go bowling/laser tagging. I tell him that I'd love to go with him but we've never made solid plans. He did ask me to get some ice cream with him last weekend but I was going out of town to a wedding and couldn't go. A few days ago he asked if I wanted to see a movie with him that night (at 12 am) and since I was exhausted myself and he had told me he was tired as he hadn't gotten enough sleep the night before we agreed that it was too late.


I don't know what to do anymore because it doesn't seem like we can make solid plans. I invited him out this Friday, instead of Saturday - because it will be Valentine's Day and I don't want him to feel uncomfortable if he thinks of me only as a friend. He had already made plans with his friends that Friday, so we're stuck in limbo again.


I want to ask him if he wants to do something on Saturday but I'm not too sure if he'd think of it as a date. As much as I'd want it to be a date, I think I've already been placed in the friend zone and don't want to make him uncomfortable. He has told me that he loves Oreo cookies, when we talked about our favorite snacks, and I had gotten some at the store earlier today - I instantly thought of him when I passed the aisle - and plan to give them to him on Tuesday when I see him. I'm not good with asking people out, I'm very inexperienced in dating as I've been a serial monogamist for quite some time (I'm 21).


Should I ask if he wants to do something on Saturday, or if he has plans? Do you think I'm in that dreaded Friend Zone?

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I would just ask him if he wants to do something on saturday. he will tell u if he has plans, possibly even suggest another day. If he thinks its weird u want to do something on v-day he might say it in a question form, on valentines day? u can just play it off and say oh i forgot that was saturday, or u could just say yeah. he might get the hint u want more, or if nothing else u guys go out as friends on v-day.


i dont speak from experience because i dont have a girl that is my friend that we do a lot of things together, but it really seems he hopes for more. If he had a girlfriend or was interested in some other girl, he probably would not have much time for you, or ask u to go out and do stuff ? just my opinon


how long have u guys been friends or talking? if its been a while and u feel comfortable, u could playfully say something about u guys dating. like it would be weird, or different, see how he reacts or what he says.

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