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Never ending....


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Do you ever feel like some things in life are just never meant to be? I'm starting to think that I'm just not meant to be happy.


The last five years have been drama after drama, and hurt after hurt. Up until 4 years ago my life was travelling along ok. Great family and friends, good job, good life...... Then my younger sister died suddenly - unfortunately no goodbyes. My on/off bf gave me the flick 6 months after that. Then a year later I thought I met the love of my life. We were together for over 2 years with many ups and downs, which eventually led to me discovering he had been cheating on me with his ex-gf for 18 months. So after a lot of heartache I ended that a few months ago. Now I find out that I have a condition which is going to cause me problems for the rest of my life and I may not be able to have children.


I mean seriously, could life get any worse.


Thankfully I am not the type to do anything stupid, cause this would be enough to push anyone over the edge (and I would never do anything like that to my loved ones regardless of how screwed up my life could be - ever!). I just need to find a way to turn my life around, to find some degree of happiness again.


Any thoughts......

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Yes, life can get much, much worse - count your blessings. It may be difficult, but you said yourself you wouldn't harm yourself so this leads me to believe you still have hope, and you are just stuck between a rock and a hard spot right now in your mind.


Although it's never of any consolation, the words "this too shall pass" enter my mind quite frequently when dealing with tough times in my own life.


I do not believe in anything "meant to be" I believe that certain events and coincidence can certainly feel really good, and make us believe there is a "reason" for things but the truth is we will never know in this life time.


When you say "you aren't meant to be happy" you are correct. Nothing in this world is set in stone other than you will pay taxes, and someday you will be among the clouds. While we are here, I see it as a serious of trial and tribulations which shape our personality and our futures depending on how we react to them.


In times like this when you bare the weight of the world on your shoulders, it's best if you try and give yourself maybe a little pep talk, or some positive reinforcement.


When you say to yourself "I Can't have a child, this sucks." Yes, the future looks grim, especially if you wanted a child of your own.


However, you could say: "I can't have a child, but I have other options such as adoption which will not only potentially save a child's life, I Can be a hero and a mother at the same time."


Try to shed a little light even on the darkest subjects, and I think you will find that this life can still be everything you hoped and dreamed for and then some.


Best wishes

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I saw this poster the other day, it read: "Attitude is a small thing that makes a BIG difference". It seems like a cliche saying, I know...but there is so much truth behind it.


The above post gave VERY good advice. I can relate to it for sure. Without getting into too much detail I will just say that 8 years ago I had the roughest life. I felt like no matter what I was doomed for disaster. I got the best advice to just try and see things from a more positive perspective. Try to see a "lotus blossom blooming out of mud". It works.


If you think it, you'll feel it, you'll say it, you'll live it and, you'll make it happen.

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Try your best from here on out. Life may get worse, but you yourself will not do anything stupid which is great. Think of what you have now and you can work on improving your situation. Remember, happiness is not a "thing" but an event. You will always have ups and downs in life, but things will never be sad forever or happy. As long as you are determined to make the best of things with what you have, you will find the happiness you want again.

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