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Kevin Rudd's Cash Bonus for Australians? Help, I don't understand

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Okay this question only applies to Australians.


If Kevin Rudd's stimulus package gets through parliament or whatever, I will be eligible to get the $950 one-off training and learning bonus because I am a student on Youth Allowance. I have rang up Centrelink and asked them and they confirmed that yes, if this cash bonus thing happens, I will be eligible and receive my payment sometime in March of April.


But, is it going to happen or not? I heard that the whole thing is being opposed... but everyone is still talking about it. So what is happening? Is it going to happen? Or what is the likelihood that it will go through? I get confused with all this stuff.

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The liberals want tax cuts instead. Which is equally absurd. See what good tax cuts did the US. It will get through. The greens and independents don't have the guts to block it anyway.


What I'd like to see in some of that money is a guarantee to train some unskilled workers. That would create real skills and thereforee real jobs. Not just make a few existing workers really rich, then create a few fleeting restaurant jobs.


Yeah I think it will get through.

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^ Okay thanks for the advice guys.


I don't really consider it free money, because I've put working on hold so that I can study my ass off and become skilled for a needed profession - teaching. Because of my choice to do this I haven't had much of an income for 3 years. I could have chosen to follow the path of a lot my friends and just work in a cafe to earn some money and not bother about becoming skilled... It sucks how costly it is to be trained into a skilled profession and how much money you need to sacrifice to do so.


That being said though the whole stimulus thing sounds kind-of silly to me, I don't think people will spend it on the things Rudd wants them to. I don't know, I guess I don't really understand enough to comment deeply on the issue. Anyway thanks again for replying CaptainPlanet and gidget

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Australian government invests in so...
Australian government invests in solar to shrink cost of green hydrogen


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