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Trouble making friends.


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All my friends are gone away to school this year, and after work I find myself sitting at home doing nothing, going to bed early, and doing it all the following day. On the weekend I don't have a big selection of friends to spend time with... and sometimes spending time with the SAME friends can be a hassle.


Not to say I don't have ANY* friends in town... but most are too wrapped up in their own lives to make time for little old me.


I've never had issues making friends THROUGH friends, but since the ones I do see have the same friend-making issue as me... my circle hasn't exactly been growing.


How can I suggest hanging out with people I don't know very well?

Meet new people without coming off as random, nosy or desperate?


It's really gotten me into a bad mood all of the time.


Any advice would be appreciated. I know it seems a lot easier than it sounds... but it really isn't. Not if you're me anyway.

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Are there some people at work you'd like to hang out with? If so, you could say, hey did you see the trailer for that new movie coming out? Would you guys want to go see it this weekend? Or ask if they want to try a new restaurant. I just hung out with two coworkers for the first time. I saw a seminar a museum I was interested in and mentioned it to one of the girls. She seemed interested, so I invited her to go and she invited another coworker. If you have something specific in mind to approach them with, it's less intimidating.


To meet new people, I'd suggest joining an organization of some sort. Maybe start volunteering somewhere. Join a gym. Take a class. Just get out there and get involved. While it's tempting to stay home, you're not going to make friends that way. And by doing an activity you're interested in, you put yourself in a position where you automatically have something in common with the people around you.

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