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I smoked again... trying to quit!

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Help me!

I was going so well, I had only like 1/2 a cigarette in the last 4 weeks. I'm trying to quit because I hate the thought of damaging my health and getting lung cancer. It's gross and I feel like crap the next day!!! I'm a social smoker, so I only ever really do it around other smokers when I'm drinking.


I am ok when there are no social smokers, but I often slip up, as my best friends smoke and when we go out going for a smoke is all 'part of the night'. I just got home now, I had 6 or 7 cigarettes and HATE myself! Has anyone been through this? I know in the end its all up to me but sometimes I feel like I have no self control. I dont want to isolate myself but maybe that's the only way?


I hadn't smoked for so long, but I stuffed up. My chest hurts I dont want this to continue I really hate myself! Any advice?

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You are suffering from major psychological withdrawal symptoms which can be corrected by hypnosis. My mother tried to quit about 20 times very hard by herself, cold turkey, different medications, patches, gums, etc. She made it a few times for up to 2 weeks and then just gave in. Went for hypnosis and hasn't smoked in over a year but better yet says it was the easiest way and still has only very rare, easy to brush off cravings. This method only works if you are really determined to quit but it works.

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Yeah it's tough huh?


I'm about to visit the docs to get on the patch programme. For me, I have to stop drinking all together or I'll fold VERY easily.


My advice, do what you have to do. If that means extracting yourself from social settings for a while then do it.


There is a strange link between drinking and smoking that can only be put down to the darkside. If you don't want to cease the social thing for a while, why not try non-alcoholic drinks?


Getting boozy is a sure fire way to start again.

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Ok, here comes some advice from an ex smoker- I quit 10 June 2007 and am completely free of the addiction.


1. First, join a group online who (will) quit around the same time. I am sure that there are support boards specific for quitting smoking in the US. Plan your new quitting day carefully. I quit when I was abroad for work for a few weeks, away from my normal setting.


2. Keep track of your progress by keeping a diary. This will provide you insight in the nature of your addiction. Which are the moments that you crave ciggies? Also, which are the moments that you can do perfectly without?


3. EXERCISE. I started running since day 1, and I am on the way to my first marathon now.


4. Don't replace ciggies by anything that goes into your mouth. You will find yourself tempted to eat more. It's partially out of the habit to just 'do' something, partially because your taste is improving and food just tastes better than it used to.


5. Reward yourself for every week in the beginning, celebrate your first month, half year, etc. By the time you have quit for a year, you won't even realize it's been that long, even if the days without smoking seemed so long in the beginning. That changes after the first few months.


6. Save up the money you are not spending on smoking. I bought myself a Macbook after a year!


7. ... please realize that smoking doesn't give you ANYTHING. It doesn't help you for stress, that is just what you have made yourself believe by smoking when you are stressed. You will be more emotional, feel more vulnerable, but after the first stage, you will notice that life is no more or less stressful, no more or less enjoyable now that you don't smoke.


GOOD LUCK. You can do it, I am sure. If I can, you can too, and it's totally worth it.

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I think you are being too hard on yourself. You are obviously well on the way to quitting permanently since you are very committed to the idea of stopping.


The trick is to create an environment that will allow you to have success, and to recognize it is a habit that takes a while to break.


You don't need to become a permanent social hermit, but you do need to avoid situations that stimulate you to smoke, like bars and parties, until you have gone long enough without smoking that the habit is truly broken.


So you may need to avoid bars and places people smoke for 3 months. And if you go out with your friends and they want to smoke, tell them when it is time for them to light up, you are going to leave or go elsewhere. After i quit smoking, after a while i truly felt pity for the smokers who have to go outside and freeze to death in order to feed their nicotine addiction. I had no desire to go with them, and told them if you want to go outside and freeze to death to feed that monkey on your back go ahead, but i'm staying inside where it's warm!


Once the habit of not smoking is stronger than the habit of smoking, you will be able to resist it, and in fact might find cigarette smoke repulsive as many ex-smokers do once they are truly over the addiction.


So you haven't failed, just shown yourself that you need to NOT party with your smoking friends for a while, and only see them in situations where they're not smoking. You can eat a meal with them, then if they want to smoke, either they go outside or you do.


And remind yourself today you are a non-smoker, and don't use last night as an excuse to light up again today. Just get right back on the wagon, and continue your life without smoking.

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Thanks guys. That was really good advice from everyone. Its so tough! But yeah it is definitely in social scenes where I am drinking that I end up smoking. I might have to avoid them for a while.


As for knowing I'm on my way, when I'm sober the thought and smell of it repulses me. I have also noticed my lungs feel so gross today, especially when I surfed this morning- emphasising how good I felt when I hadn't smoked for a few weeks.


Its good to know others have beaten it too. xx

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