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Hey guys! I'm new here. *wave*


I need a bit of advice on a situation with a long time friend.


We've been friends for about 8 years now but never quite hooked up because the timing was just all wrong when one of us wanted to start a relationship.


A month ago she returned home, where I am, from abroad and we decided to give us a chance as soon as she gets here.


The first time I saw her when she arrived was great. We had a few drinks and watch a movie. We cuddled/kissed a bit and everything seemed perfect.


After that evening though she just completely closed me out. We would have short to the point conversations and it would just go nowhere. Clearly something was bugging her but she didn't want to talk about it at all which was a bit concerning since we talked about everything.


After that evening I did see her one more time and told her I am crazy about her. I tried to find out what she was thinking or what exactly she wanted from me, be it friendship or a relationship. She couldn't give me an answer and if she did give any sort of reply it was "I don't know what to tell you."


So here I am, stuck in this awful limbo. I really care about this lady. She means the world to me.


I'm not sure what to do to be honest. Maybe just keep in contact and see how it goes? Maybe hang back for a while?

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Well since you've known each other for eight years i don't think you should just let it go. She could possibly be confused and very unconfortable being that you two never had a relationship other than friends, but if you could be friends with someone for eight years i think your bond should be able to withstand anything. Give her time to think she'll come around.

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welcome to ENA!


well,if you were really good friends for 8 years then you suddenly wanted to take the notch higher, i can see where the jitters might be coming. maybe she's just confused and unsure if it would work. she might be having second thoughts of risking a sturdy friendship to a romantic relationship. don't pressure her, give her some time, then have a heart-to-heart talk to see whre you're going. good luck ^_^

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