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I want her number and want to get to know her. [One week until I see her!]


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Ok, so there is this girl. She is on my indoor soccer team. I'm pretty interested in her, and I would like to get her number.


I need your guys' advice on successfully getting her number. I see her next Saturday at my indoor soccer practice. [basically it is going to be a scrimmage against another team]


So her name is Laura. I was also thinking of talking to her best friend Liz, because I don't know anything about Laura. Problem is I am on a time crunch because during the practice I really won't have much time to talk. Maybe a few minutes before, and a few minutes after. No time really to make small talk. Maybe 5 lines back and forth of talking?


So, if I talked to Liz before I could see if Laura is interested in me at all and also see if Laura is single, etc.


The playing field is very level, because no one on the soccer team is friends with eachother. We are all great teammates, and Liz and Laura are very nice and talkative which makes things easier. We all like eachother. So, really the only thing Laura knows about me, is that I'm 2nd best on our soccer team.


She is also very good.


So, I want to know what to say, when, etc.


I know it is a lot of planning to just get her number, but I do not want to mess up.


Thank you!

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Wahoo guys! I got it!


After the game, I just walked up to her and said

"Hey Laura, you played a good game today"

and she said something like (she's jking)

"You did too except for that goal you gave up! I'm mad at you!"


then I said (fumbling my words. )

"Well you know... I am... uhh... I'm just not good! I guess I suck!" (turned it into a joke)


she says "Ohh! You did great!"


then I asked if i could get her number and maybe we could talk sometime, etc.


and she gave me her number, and patted me on the back and said "bye jad" (my name)


I think it went alright.


So I am going to wait and text her Monday night, and call her to ask her on a date Wednesday for Friday.


But I am not sure what to say.


I was thinking for a first text I could say "Hey! Guess who : D"

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Good job dude! I'm in the same boat as you except I'm in a competitive volleyball league. I have a crush on a girl who's on another team but she's friends w/ my best friend's girlfriend. We've said hi and made small talk but I hardly get a chance to talk to her unless we're playing against each other. Think I might ask my buddy's gf to see if she's dating anyone and go from there.

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