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ive been dating / talking to same guy for the past year and a half...


he moved on the other side of the country about 4 months ago but we still talk everyday pretty much like we are in a long distance relationship but we are like committed or anything bc we are young and know that its not realistic to be together when we arnt physically together


so last night we talked and he asked if i have hooked up with anyone and i said no and then i told him i had been on a couple dates



i mean what does he expect? he didnt realize it was happening but i am young and should experiece things while living in a big city when i dont know if there will ever be a future with us.


i shouldnt have said anything which was so stupid but now i feel like he doesnt trust me and doesnt feel the same way about me..


im going to visit him in 2 weeks im nervous he will give me * * * * but he isnt my boyfriend as much as he knows i want to be his girlfriend...



what do yall think? was it a mistake to tell him? i dont even know why i did it

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nothing else was said i told him i has been on a couple dates and that nothing happened but i wanted to be honest with him but that i dont want to be with anyone else


i want to know that we will be something in the future when we both are ready and that we are committed and plan on seeing eachother every couple months at least and that we will move to the same city in the near future and be together


i just need some promise from him if im going to continue talking to him everyday


i just dont know how to tell him this without sounding needy because its not likee that i just dont want to waste my time for no reason

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And if he doesnt want to make the promise then i need to stop talking to him. That will be best for me and help me to move on. I dont want to waste my time anymore.
There you go!


More often that not you need information to make decisions in relationships and that usually means asking the other person what you need to know.

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