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help this shy guy out.


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Just got out of a relationship about two months ago, and I feel like I'm almost ready to start dating again. I'm incredibly shy I need some pointers on how to approach a girl, how to get a girl to approach you, or how to show interest with just body language. And where to go to meet single ladies, I've been out of the game for nearly two years. With me, I usually let the girl approach and initiate the conversation.

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Be bold. most girls love a guy to approach them first, as it's good old fashioned manners.

Body language, be respectful of personal space, i get intimidated if a guy comes too close too soon.

If her body is angled away from you, ie legs crossed and pointed away from you then she's uncomfortable near you.

If she doesn't really smile and is unreceptive in conversation she's not interested, obviously.

Don't go in with a chat up line unless it's an uberly cheesy jokey one and make certain it's obvious you're trying to make her laugh because it's cute and funny and breaks the ice. but otherwise it's sleazy. Ask her questions, girls don't want your life story.

Be self deprecating and let your natural charm come through, you seem like you have it, you just need to sieze it and be unafraid of it. rejection is not great, but it beats never knowing and being alone.

good luck


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