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can't set a date, should you let her know?


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I'm a little bothered with this guy, we met once and I like him. last Sat. he asked me out Sun (last minute) which I couldn't accept, but I suggested Wed this week and next Sunday. then he emailed Tue. night trying to set up a date on Wed. but unfortunately it was canceled because of snow. I emailed him that I want to see him soon, then he just disappeared! I mean even if he's busy and can't set a date, he should let me know at least, right? or it's not a contesy because we just met?


ps. he's 40min away

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Well I guess a lot would say and because you have had only one date, he isn't obligated to you...


But saying that, if a guy seemed keen enough to set up a second date with me and I couldn't make it/was cancelled due to the weather, I too would expect that he return my email in which I'd said I'd like to see him soon....and I'd wonder why he just seemed to have disappeared.


How long ago did you email him?

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