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what to give my girlfriend for her birthday, anniversary, and Valentines????

Valentine's Day Wishes for Girl...
Valentine's Day Wishes for Girlfriend

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I have three questions.


My girlfriend’s birthday, our anniversary, and Valentines are coming up. Her birthday is on Feb. 8th, our anniversary is on Feb. 6th. I have been working on a scrapbook for her and also a DVD slide show with music and our pictures over the past year. I also will be getting her a Pandora charm to add to her bracelet. I would like to give her the DVD and scrapbook together. Now I can’t come up with a third present. I was thinking of possibly going to a sex shop store and getting a kit of massage oils and I would make her a few personal coupons such as “good for one hour massage” or “good for an evening of love making” so I thought I would get her some oils, maybe candles and make her like a little gift basket with these things.


Now my first question is, are any of these stupid ideas? Is it too cheap?


Do you have any other ideas for gifts that you can think of?


And my third question is; what presents to give her on which day?

If you can please give any ideas???? Please!!!!


Oh, and it will be our two year anniversary. this is a same sex relationship.

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I think they are great ideas.


Hmm... Maybe you could get a bracelet/necklace with a special quote/saying/something engraved on it.


The scrapbook/DVD for your anniversary - A recollection of your memories together.


Pandora Charm for her birthday and a DIY B'Day card?


And the special coupons for Valentines becuase it's something special


Hope that helps a little

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