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When things get rough, husband runs


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I have been married for 2 years now. This is my second marriage and I have 2 kids from my previous marriage. Everytime, things don't seem to going good, I find that my husband is looking at personal adds. He has not responded to any that I know of, but it hurts to know that he has even looked. We have moved 3 times in less than 2 years in order for him to move up with his place of employment. I take care of the bills, house, kids, laundry, all he has to do is get up and go to work and come home. He has metioned us having a child together. I will have to have a tubal reversal in order for that to happen, but I have checked into it. I do everything to make his life as easy as possible and I get this in return. Of course he always says it is because, he thinks I don't want to be here. I don't know what to do. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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My god flipper, you almost sound like you are walking in my shoes. I too am married for the second time, I have two children from my previous marriage and we have one child together. I do everything to make him happy, and like you, he basically has to just get up go to work and come home. The only "work" he has to do is take his own showers! When things get rough, he does the "don't expect me home tonight" bullshit. I finally stopped begging and apologizing, and just said fine, do whatever you want. He hasn't done that in months. I told him if he's not happy, he knows where the door is. I know it's hard, it was extremely hard for me to be callous, because that's not my personality. Good luck hun, I'll be thinking about ya.

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