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Me and girlfriend just had sex yet im wondering if she was a virgin

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Warning a bit graphic



Alright so im 18 and my girlfriend is almost 17, shes had one other Boyfriend that shes done anything past making out with. (Told me she had never had sex, like they talked about it but never did have it)


Just recently we've been going out for almost 3 months and we had sex, now im far from a virgin, like iv had sex with over 20 people but tonight it was like different, but anyways we were fooling around for probably 1-2 hours aka me going down on her etc, and then when we actually ended up having it, she almost didnt feel THATT tight, like iv had girls who has had sex before where i havnt been able to get the penis in. (No the penis isnt skinny its actually well above avg, not trying to be like cocky just saying that to help it imagine)



anyways im kind of like wow, was she actually a virgin. Like i can't see her having a reason to lie for it, but just unless the 1-2 hours of me useing 2fingers going crazy loosened her up so that it would be as normal.



Is that possible.


sorry for the graphic thing, im still in like a alternate mindstate here

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*Walks in, reads post, and walks out.*



On a serious note, and it is hard to be serious after reading this, if she feels loose then she's probably had sex before!


Be careful, man. 20 different girls is quite a bit for an 18 yr old, and is a quick way to catch something.

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well i was fooling around with her for over an hour like non stop fingering, and ya


Like she is very inexperianced everything elsewise (i can tell)


and like i dont know i had already gotten off earlier so i mean my hardon wasnt exactly "on top of its game" but i mean, even after the like 1-2 hours of fingeringgg like and * * * * i figured there would have been a bit of hurting.


Shes only done stuff with 1 other guy i know. And she seemed like a virgin but like i mean she was in grade 11, and only went out with the guy she was before me for like 3 months aswell.


I dont know i dont want to go out with her if she lied about that.


and iv been tested




(And like i asked her before, like seriously are you a virgin and she was like yes etc. )

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Ya, you pretty much are questioning her which is like not trusting her. So maybe your not ready for this. OH ask if her she has any toys! LOL Well I mean if she has a big dildo or something ya know? But if ya think about it, how easy was it to have sex with her?

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oo and she broke her hymen or whatever its called horseback rideing. + shes a Cheerleader / dancer.


Hahaha. LOL. Is her calling to be a stripper? All joking aside. You don't tell a girl she is loose, but maybe ask her if she has any toys? That way you may be able to figure if she has played with a big dildo or something. You can't really call a girl out on a lie like this without being dumped in the process or messing up the relationship. Oh wait you already have, because you don't quite trust her.


Did you guys say you love each other? Why did her last relationship end? Broke her hymen horseback riding? That is a new one.

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I trust her, its just like wild. its just like iv had people who i know wernt virgins be tighter, but i was wondering if the whole like 1-2 hours of like 2 fingers going crazy would cause it to be seriously looser.


and no she doesn't have any toys.


And iv heard of people lieing about that before which is the only reason why it came into my mind

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