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Anger... (kind of long)

Anger Problems
Anger Problems

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I wasn't sure if this was the right place for this but here goes:


I have such a problem with anger, i feel so angry (p****d off) all the time over stupid little things, and sometimes it gets to the point where i lash out or take it out on other people, bite there head off so to speak, i feel angry and down most of the time because i let things get to me.


My job is stressfull, I spend most of the day organising work for production lines and dealing with problems, I always have lots to do so its stressfull trying to keep up, everytime someone comes to me with some problem i just get so annoyed i feel like shouting at them, but i kind of just get on with it mumbling profanaties to myself.. but at the same time i like the job, i think i like the responsibility.


People annoy me so much for stupid reasons, in work theres some guy for example (thankfully i don't work with him.. or anyone) where i just can't stand him, everything about him i hate, he's so fake, i hate the way he put his stupid fake accent on, the way he acts, he's so sleazy and i hate all this and i dont even speak to him! I give people a lift back and too to work but i cant stand it, I'd love to be on my own, i have a sports car and its not made for giving people lifts, i cringe and grind my teeth everytime they get in and out cause i can hear them scraping against everything, i like to look after my stuff and i see it as getting more and more wrecked everytime they get in or out and it makes me feel so pissed off again, I'm constantly waiting for them at the end of the day for ages i hate it! But i just cant tell them no, they don't have any other way to get into work.


I hate the place i live, It's embarrising to drive down the road as it looks like a dive!, I'm quite fortunate as to the house i live in, It's my mums and I don't pay any rent, although if I had the money I would move out in a heart beat, the neighbours are so damn noisey, It sounds like the walls are paper thin! The doughter is so noisey, i can just hear her screaming and talking at 100db! I have images of me bursting though the wall and slapping her stupid it gets me that annoyed.


If you've read this far you can see by now that It's not normal for all this to bother someone as much as it bothers me, I used to read the paper in work and at home all the time but it started getting me so annoyed reading about how crap this thiscountry is an all these bad things happening that I had to stop, I can't even read a paper.


Computer consoles, forger about it, i've been though about 3 new xbox controllers, thankfully i don't play on games that often.


I'd love to know whats causing this, I don't rememer being like this a few years ago, i've always had a temper but it's not been an issure until now, I have virtually no patiance either, somtimes i get to the point where i physically feel like i'm going to expload i'm so annoyed.


Sorry if this is so long, there is a hell of alot more i could put but i think it's long enough, any advie would be great...



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My sister went through something like that. She started out with small temper issues and out of no where started getting angrier and angrier. It got to a point where she physically hurt someone.


She ended up having to seek anger management courses. It really helped her. She says she still has temper problems but she can finally recognize the signs and deal with the actual reason she's irratated instead of blowing up at the wrong person or situation.



When you feel yourself get angry. Ask yourself, "why does this bother me?" and go from there. sounds cheesy, but she says it helps.




Good luck!

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