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A happy post! Our future is looking so bright

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I have been really disillusioned with my college lately. I am just feeling like I'm not getting anything out of it, not being challenged. One of my classes especially is a complete joke. I regret even registering this semester, but I can't drop out or I have to send the student loan money back... which I don't have anymore. So, I am stuck for the semester, and I am just going to grin and bear it and get my credits.


I had a good long rant when I met up with my bf after class today, about how this just seems like it's a time-waster, and is holding me back from a good future in my chosen field. I have been toying with the idea of going to a different school in another province, and he knows it. I have been weighing this decision for a long time. This school is a million times better, and it will get me where I want to go. Today we talked seriously about it, and he said that when he is done his two year program (he's into the second semester of four) we can go to the other province, and he will work there while I go to school. We both have a mutual agreement in that:


1. We don't want to be separated, and don't feel it is necessary


2. We made not only a commitment to each other, but a financial commitment in that we share assets, and if one of us was to take off, we would leave the other in dire straits, trying to pay the rent etc... his program is so intensive that he just cannot work until the summer, when he will start a co-op program. It's not like I could just take off and expect him to take care of everything while I am away.


3. We will live there while I am in school, but he does want to wind up back here. I'm okay with that, unless I find a great job after graduation. I am going to think about that when we come to it.


His family is in the province that we would be going to, and much as I love where I live now... it's got nothing to offer me. I am going to either continue going for my BA where I am now, and then when he is done school and I have my BA, I am going to apply to this other school.


Something else that I will admit I am happy about is that the likelihood of being legally married a bit sooner will be higher, because if we got married out there, the majority of his family would not have to travel- cutting wedding costs down astronomically. I have a much, much smaller family, so it would be much less work to bring them out. The cost to accommodate his family alone is a major hurdle, and a key reason WHY we have to wait longer than either of us would like. We are both bound and determined to pay for everything ourselves, and a wedding of a few hundred people will be costly. I never ever pictured myself wanting to live out in the prairies again, but I am still learning that life throws some interesting curveballs, and you just have to go with it!

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It's funny the way things work out eh?


I've been going through my own battles with school & work. Mainly with him and him having a hard time getting his career going.


Just before Christmas we agreed that we were going to move once I graduate in April, something I never imagined seeing myself doing. But if we needed to, I'd make the sacrifice.


So I was ok with it, but then my mother was diagnosed with cancer and suddenly I felt like my world was upside down.


And out of no where, he gets a call from the police force here looking to hire him [after he had received a letter that they weren't..] I got a job at the hospital that pays insane, we most likely won't have to move. My mother being sick put things into perspective for us in terms of marriage and house buying and we're actively pursuing those things.


We went from being so lost and confused, scared, unsure of what the future held for us, to basically having everything figured out and laid out in front of us.


The curve balls are a sure thing of life. Go with it. Most of the time they are there for a reason!

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I believe it! Because we are both in love with our apartment and all of our friends are here, we've been dragging our heels, but I've been conflicted for soo long that I really can't ignore it anymore. I know what I need to do, and it's definitely a bit out of the ordinary for me.



That is so crazy how everything is coming together for you. I'm sorry about your Mom though.

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Yea, we both can defenitely relate!

We never wanted to move, but we knew it was something that had to be done, and he put it off as long as possible till we had no option!

But when we thought about it, and realized it would only be temporary, a year or two..it didn't seem so bad. Plus he grew up in the city we would of moved to, most of his family is there, his old friends..and I swore I would never move and defenitely not there..but I think once we made the decision to go for it, it became quite exciting.


So either way, if he doesn't get hired here...it won't be the end of the world!


Good luck with it all

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