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Hi I'm 16 with a new baby girl,and two toddlers. They are the pride in my life. My baby was born the day before Valentines day. I have a close friend of mine helping me because the father of all three of my kids is in Italy. To all teens the best advice I can give u is to wait. I'm glad I kept my kids but its hard and I know I'll make it. There are many paths in like and mine ended up well.

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Hi Charmed,


Thank you so much for coming to eNotalone.com with this advice. So many teenagers do not understand what it is like to have a baby and do not oversee the responsibilities at first. Like mermayd, I am also very glad to hear first hand from a teenage mom how it is to be a teenage mom. Having a baby is a BIG responsibility.


I know this sound like lecturing, but teenagers, please use protection at all times and think before having a baby. You have a lifetime, you know? There is really no need to rush.


I hope this helped all. Charmed, once again... thank you so much. You did a wonderful job, girl!! Keep up the good work!!


~ SwingFox ~

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