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My ex-boyfriend and I have been apart for a year now, and we both want to be with each other again. We were both each others first loves, we were together for over two years. We were extremely close, and I suppose the best word to describe what we were was soul mates. I ended it with him over some things that I feel he has worked on over the past year, and I think he has matured and changed for the better.


We nearly got back together last summer, but I suddenly got very afraid because it would be long distance. He was going to college, and I only had a year left of high school. I knew that I'd be going to the same school next year, so I told him to wait...for the sake of keeping everything together. I really cannot handle distance.


So now, I'm coming closer to graduation day, and going to college. I want to be with him, he wants to be with me...but I have these nerves again. I'm so afraid of getting hurt. I don't want to go into this and fail. I feel like I have this cage around my heart that is completely holding me back from what I want. One minute, I'll decide not to put myself into the possibility of getting my heart broken..and then I'll hear his voice and everything will be fine. When I see him, everything clicks. But when I'm left to let my mind wander, that's when the anxiety starts. I KNOW that we work together...but my fear is holding me back.


Any thoughts on this, what's going on with me, how to eliminate this fear? Thank you SO much for reading all this.

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All I Ever Wanted Was to Love You
All I Ever Wanted Was to Love You


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