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I'm in L.A.; He's in Philly


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We met through a mutual friend who lives here in L.A.


He's a doctor in Philly. OMG, he is everything I could ever want. If his pics are representative, he's attractive. He's very smart, funny, kind, clever, considerate... we've known each other since August, and we chat (IM), text, or talk on the phone just about every day.


We've never met, and I don't think we will be able to until the summer-he's studying for his medical boards. In July, he moves to Baltimore. I have family in the Bethesda/DC area, so I'm planning to kill 2 birds with 1 stone...hang out with my family, and then meet him in person for the first time.


I don't know if we'll have any chemistry in person, but we seem like soulmates in our long-distance communications. We are on the same page about so many things. We like the same music. We have the same views on religion/philosophy, etc. We want the same things from a relationship.


Sounds perfect, right?


Two things stand in our way.


1) I am 10 yrs older than he is

2) He doesn't want to move out here, and I don't want to move out there.


I just bought a condo in L.A., as a matter of fact.


So, I'm wondering, is this even worth pursuing?


I haven't met anyone here in L.A. who excites me as much as he does. Not even close.

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I'm 41, and he is 31. Could be a problem if I'm too old to have kids, and he wants them. Don't know yet thought-we haven't even gotten that far.


We flirt a LOT, though, and I know he is anxious to meet me-he seems happy that I'm coming out there in the summer.

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i think it is at least worth a shot to meet. who knows, maybe you could go visit LA and he could come visit philly and if things get serious a compromise may be able to be made. and by then you would know if having kids or not would be a problem. i think it's worth looking into. looking back and thinking 'what if' would be a torturous thing. whether it works out or not, i think it would be a good experience.

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