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I don't know where I stand


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I'm madly deeply in love with my ex.

We've been out twice and it didn't work out due to family/money issues so we didn't have time to meet up etc.


Anyway, since the split (July) he has been flirting with this girl at College. He said he liked her but the feeling wasn't mutual. He asked her out a few times and she said no.


New year, I told him how I felt and he said that he'll see how it goes between us first before getting back together.


Recently, the girl that he liked has got with another lad from College. Since then, I told him that I love him which I have never said before. He said that he loves me and hasn't stopped loving me and then insisted we should make another go for it, however he did say this to me when I was quite tipsy. This was on a Saturday night.


When I saw him at college on the Monday, it was like we was still friends. I didn't know if we was together or not, so I'm guessing when he said all that to me it was a lie?


I want to confront him about it yet again about the relationship but I don't want to bug him/push him away or whatever.


On the Friday though, he came over to me during class (printer is next to me) and sat there for awhile. Not sure if he came over waiting for something to print or just to sit next to me (he was talking to me and a friend) and nothing came out of the printer by the way.


I get nervous around him, and never know what to say so I didn't exactly say much tbh so he went back to where he sits.


I don't know what is going on between us, I'm not sure if he's still into that girl or not. Not sure if he said he loves me because the girl has got with someone else, or if I was drunk.


I just don't know what to do about this, I can't stop thinking about him. I've never felt this way for anyone.

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You asking him again is of course going to push him away IF it's not a relationship what he wants.


So it's probably your best option unless you want to keep wondering for the next few months. He might be stringing you along too, you know?, so the sooner you know the better.


I wouldn't trust him personally (he seems to think words are enough) but have a long conversation with him and if something doesn't convince you just leave it.


Some relationships are just not meant to work and it's okay because you get to learn from it but forcing things won't make certain facts go away.

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