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A Turning Point in my life


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So here I am, seeking any advice possible. I need to get my life in check and sort myself out.


Last weekend I was given a rude awakening that my life had taken a turn for the worse. I was out partying with some friends on friday, we decided to keep partying through the night, made a stupid choice and did some drugs, thought we were having the time of our lives, and then what happens? I wake up in a hospital, no idea why I was there, how I got there, or even what day/time it was.


I'm over it, I know that it is something I will not let happen again, and I have to live with the fact that it did happen. This post is not so much about me, but for my friends. Two friends of mine that were with me ended up spending a good chunk of their saturday by my side trying to get through the ordeal with me, talking to me through my delirium, and explaining to me what had happened when I started to become aware of my surroundings (only one of them had been out partying with me all night, the other was sober and I think she's the one that got the worst shock)


. What has been going through my mind the most lately, is that I want to figure out a way to let them know how much their friendship means to me right now, and how much I appreciate their being by my side at my weakest point. I think I'm worried that I may end up losing one of those two friendships.


Any input is welcome, I will read all advice / critisizm.

I don't know what to expect from posting this information, so here we go.


Thank you everybody who takes the time to read through this.

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