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I know a girl in my youth group that I have a big crush on. I have a gut feeling that she likes me. I have know her for 5 years and I know a lot about her. Her dad is the our youth pastor and a real good friend. She is the first girl I have known that I liked for her personality rather than for her body. She doesn't date and I don't want to ask her. She is going to college in Florida this fall and I might be going to college in Illinois but we both have the same career in mind. What can I do to "get" her. I'm afraid she might meet someone before she can give me a chance. I have a feeling that she could be the one and I don't want to lose her. I don't have much time and I couldn't stand to see her go without letting her know how I feel. If you have advice go ahead and give it to me any and all advice is helpful.

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Oh, wow, quite a situation you got there...


If I would put myself in your shoes, and if I felt like I had a gut feeling that she did like me, I'd go for the gold, hehe, if you know what I mean. If her father is a pastor, maybe you should get his approval first. I don't know, it all depends on whether you want to be traditional or respectful or not.


But if it was me, I'd break it all down in one night full of romance. Do you two ever kick it together? If so, maybe surprise her one night with a horse & carriage ride downtown to the fancy restaurant. And during that carriage ride, confess to her=)


lol, that might be overdoing it... but you get the point. If you're thinking that she might be the one, then go for it. Even if you get let down, at least you know that you gave it a try. Then you won't have any "what if's" and stuff like that. Never let an opportunity pass even if there's a chance of rejection or a loss... you'll just end up regretting it later on in life.


Decide how you would like to "woo" her and I say go for it! Sweep her off her feet=) hell, if you two have the same careers in mind then maybe while in the relationship you two can work out plans to go to the same place=)

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Hi rousedaj,


I would like to suggest that you talk to her. Start to give her compliments and start to give little hints. Because the chances are that she at least likes you, you will built confidence that way.


At some point you might feel confident enough to tell her how you feel about her. Rousedaj, it's really not like that she is going to slap you or hit you when you tell her, because you have known her for this long period. So, she WILL talk to you.


I hope this helped you somewhat. I wish you good luck...


~ SwingFox ~

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Man you have to tell her how you feel. I hope for your sake that she tells you that she really likes you as well. You must have a million thoughts running around in your head at the moment, but to ease all these thoughts you have to tell her how you feel. The worst thing that can happen is that she says that she doesn't have feelings for her. If thats the case there is not much you can do. At least it gives you the opportunity to move on to other things.

Good luck with it, hope everything you hope for comes true. Let us know how you go...

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