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I need help with this one.

How To Tell If Your Girlfriend Is T...
How To Tell If Your Girlfriend Is Texting Another Guy

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I posted this one on Yahoo Answers:



Ok, here's the deal, I've liked this girl on and off for nearly six months now and would like to know a few things:


1. How do I know if she is into me?

2. How do I let her know that I am into her without just coming out and saying it?

3. How, if it comes down to it, would I ask her out?


OK, a little background on her:

She is a dancer, very much involved in it, too. She is drop dead gorgeous and I don't know if I am anywhere near her level. (I think, as a matter of fact, that I may be going above my head on this one.)


Time on this whole thing is limited, as I feel that if it is going to happen it would be best to get it out there in the following 2 weeks to a month.

21 hours ago - 3 days left to answer.

Additional Details

20 hours ago


Note: We do not get to spend that much time together, she is busy with dance, I have football (mainly weightlifting for College ball now), and we have 1 class together an we 'live' in different social cliques. The only real time I get to see/talk to her is on the bus ride home which lasts a grand total of 8 minutes. (Not on Yahoo Answers: I can't always sit next to her either...)


20 hours ago


Should I try to spend more time with her all of a sudden or would that just be creepy? I am in need of much help. Any information or tips that you feel I should know would definitely help.



I would prefer it if any tips were to be there, but it is fine if you don't already have an account there to just put it here.

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