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Most rediculous conversation ever? You decide


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Ill keep this short as possible.


I went to bed at 9 30 tonight, my fiance and I just had a baby recently and I was tired. I work all day, and I pull the night shift on taking care of the little guy when he gets up. Hes usually only up once or twice a night now so its not that bad. But I like to sleep before, and after he gets up so I get SOME sleep.


I wake up at 1 am, to my fiance poking at me, and giggling etc. Shes like "I up" Im thinking... thats great, "Im not" go to sleep! She keeps bugging me, poking me, asks me if I want to have sex... Im normally down with that but I really was tired. She complains that she has to watch the kid all day, so why am I tired when I went to bed at 9 30? Im thinking to myself wt heck does that have to do with anything? You just woke me up after 3 hours of sleep.

- She then tells me to get up, go brush my teeth

- Get my clothes out of the dryer (yes shes doing laundry at 130 am)

- I take her .for granted

So I get up get myself a snack and brush my teeth (my choice not hers) and go back to bed. Shes still trying to get me to stay awake, and says Im mad at you. I say why? Becuase you pissed me off a couple of days ago. So I tell her, well that ship has sailed, if you didnt tell me then it cant matter now. Im mad at you, you take me for granted.

I ask her whats the problem? Apparently 3 days ago I said and I quote "I want to go fishing, its been like... 2-3 months since Ive taken my kayak out" end quote. Now shes mad at this, mad that I want to go fishing, mad that she doesnt have any friends to go out and party with or hang out and I shouldnt be complaining about not taking my kayak out. (keep in mind Im woken from a dead sleep to have this conversaion). I rolled my eyes (not intentionally), DONT ROLL YOUR EYES AT ME, Ill punch you in the face, dont roll your eyes. (yes she said that). A few more minutes of this back and forth and then she goes to bed.


So Now Im wide awake, pissed off and wondering what on earth the just happened? Im woken up at 1 am, to have her dump 3 days of unsaid stuff on me in the middle of me being half asleep, and then she goes to bed.


Aside from simply saying AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Im not sure what to make of her sometimes.

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if the two of you just had a baby, she might be stressed out, sleep deprived, or post partum. if her only interaction with the world is with the kids, maybe she misses adult contact. i'm just guessing here, but maybe she is having a hard time staying home and is finding ways to pick at you about it.


either way, after you have a baby together is a tough time. lots of adjustments need to be made. try to resolve things together with love and support. it's easy to fight when everyone is tired, but in the longterm, taking these things with a grain of salt will probably help both of you out.

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