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eye-catching out of disrespect or nature


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Hi,guys and gals




i'v got sth on mind that really confuse me,plz give me your opinion after reading the followin' post




well, it starts that my significant other keeps staring at other attractive passer-by while having a walk with me on the street,which really hurt me and set me thinkin' if i'm not attractive enough, or if i should change the way of my makeup and dress so as to let him only focus on me?




or rather,that's just nature for human beings,i should not make a big fuss of it?




btw.does that have sth to do with the depth of fallin in love with somone??




thx,plz give me some advice,i'll really appreciate it..




plus,supposing the case happens on you,what's your reaction?

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Being attracted to your SO definitely has something to do with falling inlove with him/her. If there's no spark between two people, then how can they possibly be in love. Where would the passion or longing come from, if the butterflies just aren't there?


If your bf is doing this a lot, I can imagine that it has to be a blow to your own self-esteem. Maybe you should try retaliating with the same behavior. Staring at other men & getting a reaction out of him so that you can confront him about it!! Or you could just do it the old fashioned way and slap him accross the back of his every time he wants to look..lol (I prefer this way myself)

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I believe it is human nature to look and find other people attractive even in loving relationships. I would love to be a hypocrite and think that's only okay for me to look and not my bf- but that is wishful thinking!


I do believe enough respect should be shown by your SO to not catch obvious second glances, and certainly not stare, or do the "up and down" in the presense of your SO or hopefully at all, becasue those types of looks are disrespectful altogether. If he's being obviously disrepsectful or does it repeatedly and often call him on it. That is rude. If it is once in a while, a check out a overly scandily clad woman then I'd probably still call him on it but not in a way that makes him feel like he's on a tight leash because those over the top women are really hard not to look at even for me!


It's a line that is hard to define and harder to describe. It is certainly not okay to look in a disrespectful way. How to define "disrespect" is a whole nother story.

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