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The Smile


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The Smile

By: IndigoEye




Sitting in the lobby of my new doctor's office, I was feeling and looking horrible with two or three of the heavy-hitter illnesses you don’t want. I’d Lost a quarter of my body weight. It was July, and the AC in my car was broken with a forty-mile drive to the appointment. The receptionist there, one whom I might put on a pedestal over myself, a classic "black Madonna", long platinum-blond hair, steel-blue eyes through which she often speaks, snow-white skin, knee-weakening overbite, looks up at me and smiles. I, on the other hand, looking a classic “red neck”, had not even shaved. Not well, not smiling, I thought "What'd she do that for?" A few moments later, the nurse opens the door to call me in and just smiles. She drew a serious "Woof." in a different way. A homely look. Point being, I did not expect these smiles.


Driving home I consider this experience. My mind takes it as far as it can, so I come up with this:


Imagine someone smiles at you. You happen to be in a really bad place in your life and are about to give up. At that critical moment, a total stranger turns a corner, sees your pain, and gives you an extended smile just long enough to show that they really mean it. A smile to you, a total stranger they'll never see again. You don't even have time to process it and get a return smile out to them. They're gone for ever. You continue with your day, and thinking about it, you get it. You see that this smile lifted you when you needed it most. You realize the smile is energy. Love-energy. That smile lifted you and gave you the Love-energy from which you will benefit. You re-evaluated your situation, incurred incredible inspiration and pulled yourself up from despair, designing a new life for yourself filled with prosperity, love and happiness. Now, you realize that smile has hardly reached it's maximum potential.


Before you met with such serendipitous life-changes as a result, you realized that for the smile to gain maximum potential, you must pass it on. As you're on your way to wherever, you encounter another with their own life-crisis and you manage to send a smile to them in just the same way that you received yours. So imagine it. They were on their way to the airport as you gave them their smile of Love-energy. As they boarded a plane and flew accross the country, they thought about how your smile was with such perfect timing for them. While in flight, as they thought about it more and more, they knew their view and attitude of their life-crisis had just changed for the better. They too realized the power of the smile and couldn't wait to pass it on.


Getting off the plane they pass another in obvious pain to whom they send that smile as this individual is boarding an over-seas flight. The cycle continues. Within twenty four hours your smile has just circled the entire planet, one smile at a time in daisy-chain fashion. The cycle never stops. It grows exponentially as more and more people are enlightened to the incredible ratio of simplicity-to-effect from a well-directed, well-timed smile. As "death-by-a-thousand-cuts", so "peace-by-a-thousand-smiles" (of Love-energy).


You've been so happy since that first smile and the changes it's brought you. You've learned to be a catalyst for Love and enjoyed helping so many others in the same way. Life is filled with changes, though. Suddenly you find yourself in a new matter of despair. You know this is how life goes. Now imagine the smile pays you another visit. All those smiles you sent out over time were as an investment which you now redeem. As we get older, we get tired. We lose emotional resources. That smile will mean a lot.


You don't need to receive one to begin sending. You got this letter. In addition, you can expedite the frequency of this form of Love-energy by simply telling a group, and passing this journal on as well. Perhaps it carries the same weight; and, it circles the globe in seconds. We are each an infinite source of such energy, connected to one another and the universe. Be not a stagnate blockage. Let it flow. As illustrated above, increased frequency of passage yields increased chances to receive afresh.


Our best strategy for world peace? Could be. You’ll never know to what degree the smile worked on ones to whom you’ve passed it; but, this is how a simple smile affected me. So consider giving a smile with specific intention of channeling the universal Love-energy to one in need. Trust me, this works. I’ve been passing it on for seven years now.


Love-energy is the only true form of renewable energy.



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Since this is my last.........I hope to give it some meaning and give honour to the meaning of your story. The world can be irrevoccably changed by a smile. Some spirits are ready for an evolution, to take off and be what they visualize. Visualization is so important to the attainment of peace and love and to understand what it means for the entire world. Love is peace and energy and redemption for the human race. The "smile" is a visualization that can be spread throughout the world and bring us closer to pure happiness and love. I am glad you see it, keep looking for the others out there that see it too, in them you find the purity of love.

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