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I think it went well!!


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I've been so worked up this past month...I've been talking to this guy since maybe a week before christmas. Got to where we were talking every day for hours online, but we had never met or talked on the phone so I was beginning to get nervous. You know...like it was being too built up. Or what if after all this we didn't get along so well in person...


So after like 3 weeks, I started hinting that we should talk on the phone. But he seemed a little reluctant. He was playful about it, but seemed anxious. So I finally got him on the phone---and I noticed that he(I posted about this) laughed at nearly everything I said. Which threw me off a little bit. I guess he was nervous, but it went ok. We talked on the phone for like 2 hours and then he said he had to do something and we hung up---but he almost immediately started talking to me online again for another 2 hours. Any way, so would say things like "you're the only interesting person I've spoken too off (link removed)". But I was worried he wouldn't be as into me in person... I've had some bad luck in the past with meeting people online and I guess my ego had taken a hit.


But we met up, he was perfectly nice and good looking. There was no nervous-ness or awkward ness and the conversation flowed smoothly. We went to starbucks--met at 7pm, stayed until we got kicked out at 10pm when they closed. He mentioned that he'd like to go out again soon. That he thought I was really funny and that I was in person, exactly like I was online. Then he talked to me for another hour or so online when we got home and he hinted that I had a nice smile! I'm excited and so relieved that it went well!! I hope it continues to go well! Just wanted to post something good since these boards seem to be so full of disappointments. Wish me luck!

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