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To try or not?


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Anyone here ever been so attracted to someone but not sure if a realtionship would be the best thing??


There is this girl that is attracted to me and I am sooo very very attracted to her as well.


We have known each other for awhile now. Actualy I have known her from a few years back but not until last summer was it that we really started to get to know each other.


Everytime we see each other even if it has been a few months we end up in a crazy make out session and litterly you can see sparks fly.


The thing is, I am not so sure that we would be completely compatiable.


We can talk and communicate about anything and everything. We are completely open and honest about things. We have some really cool conversations.


She is educated smart and on many levels we are on the same page;however, there are some things that I just don't know if we would be able to make a go of it.


For instance I know at first this may sound like no big issue but it kinda is a factor.


I have a motorcycle. She is against riding on a motorcycle this is something I like to do. Ilike to take the bike and take a ride down to the lake or something and it would be nice to have her on the back. I can respect her choice but it leaves me riding solo


She is more of a homebody than even me!! I can understand durring the week with work and what not not going out but Iam not talking about going out to a bar or anything I am talking just going to see friends or going to the park or something.


Like if I were to call her up on a weekday out of the blue and say hey you want to go get something to eat or something she almost always would come up with some excuse not to go out. When in all reality I know she has nothing going on and there is no real reason why we couldn't go


She is very very well messy. her house is a complete disaster! think Star Wars when Luke and everyone fell into the trash compactor and there was that monster that grabed Luke Yeah it's kinda like that messy.


The other thing is once in a while I would like if she came over and spent the night sometimes here with me or whatever. I don't think she would do that. I just get the feeling that thats not something that she would do.


The sex.. I know for a fact that her sexual appetite or willingness to be ummm crazy in bed is not as strong as mine is. She is very conservative and I am very open minded and like to play lol. Sex isn't the only issue I know but it is a big part in a realtionship


It is hard to explain but I sometimes think that if we were to get together that things would not flow as they should with people in a realtionship if that makes sense.


So I dunno Iam kinda stuck cause I don't want to pursue anything and come to find out that we just don't mesh on some things.


On the other hand I don't want to perhaps pass on something that may work. She is a really good person moral wise and ethical wise I mean thats part of the attraction. Ijust don't know about the rest of the stuff

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Hey G,

Been a long time since we talked. Sorry for not replying to your email. Hope all is well with you.


I have to go with DN's opinion.


For me, this would be too much. If it were one little thing or two...I might consider a relationship.

You aren't even dating and you have these issues.

The sex differences might change. I've dated men who were shy in the bedroom, but it changed once they became more comfortable with my kinky side This could change or might not.


I guess the issue is will you be changing who you are and what you like just to be with her?

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That I don't know.


I mean she is deffenitly one of the better girls that I have come accross in a long time.


And because of that fact I don't know if I am just looking at things and compromissing what I want and end up just settling.


I mean I have been with other girls that were a blast to be with and not bad people but not at the same level I was.


she is on a good level with me but not as "free spirted" as I would like.


So how do you decide??? where do you make that line of yes I can deal with this or no I don't know without compramissing your self or being too picky about stuff.

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yeah no worries.


I am doing well. it is freaking snowing AGAIN! you getting allot of snow?? I was so happy to some of it melt yesterday. It felt like a heat wave!


Hmmm d amn this sucks because there is a really strong attraction there. I really don't get that "spark" kind of feeling with many people only 3 in my life so far and I am what 37 so yeah


Grrrrr always a snag in program

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LOL....The snow is back. You should know. you only live about 5 misn from me....but getting back to what you were saying above....


Yeah, there may be a spark, but that doesn't mean you two belong together. There are other women out there who you may be compatable with who posses alot of qualities you are looking for.

Do you want to spend your time with someone who is on several different pages when it comes to your bike, your social life and sexual appetite? You said it, the sex part of the relationship counts. If she never changed her ways in this dept, could you be happy with that?


If you are questioning whether or not you are just settling, then maybe she isn't the one for you. I'm not trying to talk you out of being with her...but meh thinks there are some things you need to think about b4 pursuing her.

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Okay, got it. Well, you could consider your list in a different way:


1) You'll bike solo whether she's your GF or not, unless you've already got someone else in mind who loves bikes.


2) You'll go out on weekends solo even if she's not your GF--aren't you doing that already? So why not negotiate keeping that aspect of your life in place--only difference would be whether she accepts invitations to join you, or not.


3) If you keep things casual, you'd still be having the same kind of sex with her anyway. If you invest in a relationship, she might trust you more--and that can make a big difference in bed.


Point is, the only thing you have to lose by giving it a try is a casual fling you're not invested in enough to worry about--you just said so. (dUcking!)


Not trying to make light of your question, just playing devil's advocate with the barriers you've identified. I think relationships are 100 percent voluntary--if you're not completely satisfied, you can always send it back.


My best,


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you knwo what I was thinking baout it and the more I do think about it the kess I am going to think about it lol.


I mean Iam just going to roll with it and whatever happens happens NO expectations!



It is just from every decent realtionship I had it didn't seem like things were so difficult they just flowed and melted together.

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