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her mom doesnt want me dating her anymore


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if anyone can help me plz i would like to take your advice


my problem is that her mom doesnt want me dating her anymore...

everything start by me and her arguing over something small and then got worse.. and she went but to her moms house. she hasn't move out yet but she took some of her stuff..but i don't want her to move out.. I apologized to her and we are okay a little bit.. i still need to prove her i have change and most of all I need to prove her mom that i have change to a better person, and that i care bout her daughter and that i love her, don't get me wrong i do love her. i'm really crazy about her.


I just need someones help or idea to somehow prove her that I changed and i care about her to her mom.. just shoot me any ideas.. i willing try anything.. well i tryed talking to her mom already so i have to prove by my actions not just words


plz i need help

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You don't have to prove anything to anyone, especially her.


If you're just trying to "prove" you've changed, then you haven't changed at all.


You're just trying to win her approval, and keep her around to keep yourself happy.


Why don't you find out what your bad behaviors are, and take ACTION to change them for YOURSELF.


The only way to change is to DO something, and not to talk about it.


And the only person you can ever truly change for, is yourself.

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