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I dont know how to feel about this

Mr. Stealth

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Hi everyone.

To keep things short.

Im almost in a 5 month relationship, so now things that you dont see during the love makes blind period comes up to me now.

I like my girlfriend but.....

It came to my attention that she now and then talks about: my ex did this and was like that and he had a car like this and that..... and so on.

Its not that i pay alot of attention to it because for me its just useless information. i'm not interested in what he had and what he did or how he was.

so on certain moments she lights these thing up?

Now i keep thinking about these things, like is she missing him, is she still in love with him, how about it :s

Even last time i was at here home she asked to her dady if he could get an Ice scratcher (to remove ice from car windows).

It went like dady..... can you get another scrathcer.

I know your boss had some, so could you get another one plz...

Its for someone.

So now im stuck in wondering who is that "someone"????

Like i know is that if i talk to my parents about someone i say a name.

My opinioin is that if you dont say the name if you talk about someon then you are hiding something or that person may not be known for someone.


So here is my question: how do i deal with this.

Im not the person who directly confronts someone with things.

What is best thing to do.


thx for reading.

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I think you have to just trust her man. I mean, until she gives you a reason not you, you have to. Trusting her completely will only help you and her. You will feel less stressed out and suspicious all the time, which will allow you to be fully there with her. If you keep being suspicious of every little thing she does, or anything she does, it will shine through in the relationship, no matter how well you keep it hidden. Just let it go. It's worth it if you really are into her.


I know it may be hard to trust someone fully, especially if you have been betrayed before, but trust me when I say that it's the only way. If you see a situation that is questionable, your mind should always go to whatever logical explanation exists that shines her in a good light and that shows her being trustworthy. She didn't use a name when asking for the ice scraper. There could be a million reasons for that. Yes, one could be that it is for her boy-toy on the side, but there are seriously hundreds of reasons that are completely innocent. She could even be getting it for you as a little surprise. You just never know, and always jumping to the negative conclusion will more than likely produce that negative outcome at some point in the future. If you are always thinking she is going to cheat on you, some day she will.

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