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prozac experiences?


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Hey everyone


I was perscribed prozac today for depression and anxiety, as well as referred to a councellor. I told my doctor i didnt want to be on something daily and just wanted something for my anxiety attack when i get really upset and need the help of some sort of medication. He insisted that prozac was the way to go. But im very hesitant on taking it.


Just the stareotype that goes along with the name is scary enough.


Anyone have experience with this drug???

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When I started Prozac three years ago...it made me want to literally drive off a cliff, hang myself, swallow poison. These are literally things I thought about doing to my self while on Prozac..as if I wasn't depressed enough..it made it 100x worse.


I quit it about two months after starting it.


Three years later I'm in tip top shape mentally and physically. Haven't been depressed in ages..without any type of pharmaceutical uses.


That was just my experience though..could be different for someone else.

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I take prozac right now. I am trying to wean off, so I am only taking 20mg/every other day. The reason im on it right now, is because I don't have a full time job and a lot of down time actually spikes my anxiety. Im one of those people who needs a schedule.


I really haven't had any bad experiences with prozac. It makes me feel a little tired and weaker in the beginning, but you get used to the side effects. I've never had ANY sexual drawbacks from this drug. It really has helped me ALOT. It allows your mind to get back in order, and then you can start going to the gym and not freaking out all the time. Also, my doctor told me if I have trouble sleeping... stay away from sleep meds and just take a benadryl. Its actually whats in all those PM medicines, and won't make you hung over the next day.


I also suggest a support group. A drug wont cure you. Going to a support group actually allowed me to see I wasn't the only one in this world thinking these insane thoughts about my health at such a young age. And they had great tips and breathing exercises. And there is also lots of books about anxiety at any bookstore.


Hope this helps good luck!

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