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Ever feel like your about to jump off a cliff and it's all foggy, so you're not sure how deep the abyss is.. but yet you are not fearing the jump...


that's me right now... I officially accepted the job offer and will be moving in less than a month. I'm giddy with the excitement of starting a new chapter in my life. When I first considered moving, I didn't think it would happen quite so quickly... perhaps it's best that I needed to react quickly... like a ripping a band aid off... it only stings for a minute, then it's all ok.


I really need this change for my own mental health and personal growth My house, I thought I wanted it so badly, turns out is just delaying the healing process. I lost too much of myself during this marriage, I see that now... it's time to get me back!


Today will be the most difficult day of all... the day I tell my parents that it's official.


Wish me luck ENA-er's!

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