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On The Starting Line


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Since Marching Band/Drum Corps season is coming up fast, I figure I'd write a poem about the emotions I feel when I compete in a show. Enjoy!



On the Starting Line.

No time for second guessing.

No time to think about what you've done

Only think about the future, and the show to come

Only think about expressing yourself.


"On the field from..."


From many corners of the country

We all come to join in this musical dance

This spectacle

That will bring into the night

A festive light.


"Presenting their 2009 program..."


Months of hard work and toil

Poured into this moment

For 11 minutes

We will take center stage

And play our way into the hearts and minds of the fans.


"Are the judges ready?"


The bestowers of glory

The harbingers of failure

These men and women watch our every move

And decide our ultimate fate.


"Drum Majors...is your corps ready?"


Our conductors.

The turn and salute.

Decades of tradition and pagaentry

Carried on by these noble leaders.


"You may take the field for competition"


And here we are.

11 minutes from our fate

An 11 minutes where we are masters of our destiny

Step off at the right time.

Get to your position at the right time.

Play your instrument perfect.

All these things work as a cog

Turning the gears of the Corps.


As the Drum Majors begin the show

I let all my cares and worries float into the night sky

And let them be overcome by the bright lights

30,000 screaming fans cheering for us.

Tonight is our moment.

It is our time.

And our shining moment begins

On the Starting Line.

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