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Please... HELP... :(


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Ok... here goes..


I'm working for my father's small Insurance broking company right now... I earn very little... I'm expected to do things I am not properly trained to do.


I can't stand this job, not only do I just want another job, but I want to get as far away from this job as possible. I genuinely hate it with a passion... with a PASSION!


Some might say... hmm, can you just leave and look for one? You get away from the job AND get more time to look for a new one!


Can't. I have to keep bringing in money to uphold my LDR...


I've tried looking for jobs... this damned credit crunch. I can't find anything... and because I'm not 18 until April 2, I can't even get most jobs....


Sure I can try hang on till I’m 18... it doesn't sound like long to wait... but every day I spend 5,000 miles away from my fiancée is hellish enough... But having a job I passionately hate? Well I just don't think I can do this every day anymore...



Is there ANYTHING you guys can advise....?


I'm actually very nearly desperate.... sigh how sad...

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I work for insurance so yea, I know what you mean about hating it.

You'll be 18 in april? That's 2.5 more months..

What is it about your LDR which is costing so much btw?


Perhaps you can send in a few resumes to some places? At least look for some places in the mean time.


As for having to be away from your fiancee, how about more phone calls so u can at least hear her voice more? In the UK they have good plans right where you can call free certain hours?

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Wow. You are quiet in-depth for someone your age. Kind of shame in some ways that you are having to deal with this at your age. I feel for you. The students I teach are your age and their mostly carefree, have a good disposable income because they get ema and have the odd part time job and are mostly enjoying carefree life. Here you are worrying about the recession and credit crunch at your age.


I realise that you must be deeply in love to be engaged, but in a way is it putting a pressure and negative outlook on your life because you cannot be with her and putting money pressures on yourself so young.


I dont really have any advice i'm afraid. of course flying out to see her every few months costs money - its a holiday really isnt it?! Wish I could afford one of those I think for now if you want a LDR thats what its going to have to be, so you can try and enjoy your life here a little more now...and if its meant to be in a few years you will figure out a way to be together when you both have decent jobs and money


there isnt a lot you can do. You are 17 so an amazing job that pays enough and gives you enough time to visit your fiance a lot isnt going to fall on your lap. People who have worked their bums off for years are being made redundant at the moment, so there isnt really anything you can do.


if you can, ride it out and dont let it get you down. honestly you are missing the most amazing years of your life, that are meant to be carefree, worrying about money...dont do it!!! i wish i was 17 again!!


good luck x

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