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My friend is seeing someone but its not a girlfriend/boyfriend relationship


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I have a close friend who has been sleeping with a guy from her work for 2-3 years now. At first it was jsut sleeping together but they have gradually been seeing more of each other and acting as a couple ie going out to dinner together, giving expensive bday gifts, going out with his friends, going out with our group of friends.


When my friends and I ask her whether he is her boyfriend, she always says 'he's not my boyfriend'. We have asked her several times y he is not her boyfriend. She says that they are seeing each other and not seeing other ppl (well thats what she says, dont know about him) but are not girlfriend/boyfriend. What does that mean??


I understand that they may want to hide it from ppl at work, but why not do just that and keep the relationship from work ppl.


I have talked about this to another friend and she said to me 'why does it matter what they are, its just a label, as long as they are happy'.


It has now gone that far that he is inviting him to our dinners as her date. Also a friend of ours is getting married and he has his name on the invitation as my friends partner.


My close group of friends and I think that he could be playing her. He doesnt want to commit. I think if that guy wanted to be my friend's bf she would say yes straight away.


What should my friends and I do? SHould we have an intervention? One friend says that this is something she should figure out on her own. But we have just sat here and watched her be so stupid. Should we do something or hope that that guy cheats on her and she'll finally realise how stupid she's been!

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You don't need to do anything. This is your friend's business not yours.


Does it really make a difference to you how your friend defines your relationship?


An intervention?? Are you serious? is someone planning to commit suicide or something?


Leave them both alone!

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