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well to set the story im 18 and im bi/les not sure. Wel i met this girl just over a year ago shes 19 and a lesbian. We started dating october last year and were on and off until the end of the december. We both decided this year would be a new start for us and it seemed to be working until this weekend. She had a girl stay at her house who she claimed was her "best friend" but her "best friend" is only 14/15 years old. They were on webcam with me last night and they seemed a little too close. I mean why would she have a best friend that was 4/5 years younger than her? I am sure they flirt with eachother like almost 100% they sit on each others knees, hold hands walking around town ( which they both say is just to pretend to be a "gay couple" ) not sure if thats all it is.

Now my gf has got a bit of a 'reputation' of going out with someone and then breaking up to get with someone else, then doing the same to them. So basically known to go around everyone.

Now this weekend this girl was staying at her house last night and we was supposed 2 be meetin up today in town to go shopping/cinema just spend time together just me and my gf. But instead her and her "best friend" got really drunk and slept in this morning (top to tail in bed). Now i am a little worried. She sent me a text to explain why she had not met me saying "Sorry overslept, shouldnt have had so much to drink last night, missed the train." But yet she manaaged to go around town where she lives (about an hour away) with her "best friend". I dunno what to make of this.

I have been talking to this other girl who i have become really good friends with but it feel like more. Lets call her *C* now C is 18 (lesbian) and her and i talk basically every moment of everyday and i know its wrong because i have a gf but i seem to "fancy her". i feel like i love her more and want to be with her more than my gf and think this is because she makes me feel special which i dont get from my gf at the moment.

So basically i dont know if i should stay with my GF or not.

Sorry this is long, tried to include as much detail as possible


Thnks x

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