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Prostitution and what it has done to me..victimless crime I think not!

All I Ever Wanted Was to Love You
All I Ever Wanted Was to Love You

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Yes my ex became an escort call girl she became a prostitute. Thats why I tried like He ll to get her to stop. I went pretty far and to the extreem to try and stop her. I dunno if it made things worse and pushed her away or what. I feel guilty that maybe I shouldn't have tried so hard and that may not of pushed her away.


She called me one day after 5 months of NC and we hung out for a week it was cool we had a good time and evrything.


I had asked her to stop and she agreed and promised to go for help which I said I would go with her.


Well she lied to me I found her ads online for her "services" so I questioned her about it and she kicked me out of her house.


We were having such a good time but as soon as I busted her with what she was doing she got all pissy with me.


I did go to extreems I e-mailed her stalked her bascily JUST to get her to stop doing this stuff.


I was mean, I was nice, I was loving, I cried to her, I begged her and I pleaded NOTHING! she would not listen.


That stalking and being as persistent as I was may have pushed her away but to me I felt the longer I let it go the worse and deeper she would have gotten into it.


I feel guilty because I feel like I blew my chance with her to help her maybe if I just sat back and did nothing and just be there when she needed it would have been fine and I think that because she told me "I thought we could hang out and talk but I knew it was a mistake calling you" This was after my attempts to try and stop her.


That hurt me!


So now we don't talk at all. I have no idea what she is doing. It is hard to go to bed at night when you wonder if she is ok.


I honestly believe that the reasons she is doing this is because of her issues and past childhood rape at 14 that caused allot of craziness for her.


This is why when people say oh give up forget her or leave her alone it is soo hard because I honestly feel that there is a good person inher and I think she is just not realizing what she is doing to herself. Maybe she can't deal with it whatever I don't know.


I do know that no matter how bad she was to me I still care about her well being.


Maybe she does hate me, maybe she really doesn't want me in her life anymore and could care less about me. I don't care it is just a matter of my morals and values thats all. All because someone may not like you doesn't always mean you have to be bad to them. Especialy with a situation like this.


If she got help and started to live a HEALTHY life and then told me to F@$# off I would be like fine YAY Iam happy at least I know now that you are doing ok and not hurting yourself with self destructive behaviour.


Funny thing about that is, back in Aug she did post on a depression fourm and she admited she needed help.


Yet when help was offered and not only by me but others as well she turned it down. I don't know why I am not a doctor and I can't figure it out for the life of me.


She mentioned things like she didn't feel like she was god enough for anyone. I told her and tried to ensure her that she was worth it and that she did mean something to people and that she was a special person. No nothing helped.


So this is what I have had to deal with since the break up it is not as simple as oh well she broke up with me move on.


No there are my emotions about her safety and well being and for her mental health. I worry and get disgusted at the guys that did go see her because most these guys know that girls that prostitute are not mentaly right and a majority of them have issues and they don't care they use them and make things worse.


I have to live with the fact that these guys rated her on review sites and talked abou her "performance" like she was cattle at a farm auction.


I have to live with the fact that I have seen her ads posted all over the internet describing her as a hot young sexy piece of A SS open and willing to do anything.


I am disgusted by the people who run those escoprt agencies recruiting these girls knowing full well and takeing advantage of the situation. If these people spent the money they made into a program to HELp these girls they would do so much better.


No they have to be low livfs that just cause further damage to these girls.


Then there are the girlfriends and wives of these pigs that go and see escorts and prostitutes. think of how much hurt that would cause them if they found out their husbands were seeing a hooker.


There is no argument for the fact well maybe their wife isn't giving them waht they need. WELL ya know what then maybe they should get a divorce and be with someone that was more compatible with them sexualy.


Now not to mention I worry about her getting a dissease. I mean come on like that guy that has AIDS is really going to tell a prostitute oh by the way I have AIDS. yes escorts get tested every 3months or so but what good does that do if un between you already got it?


So yeah I feel for her not because of hopes of getting her back or anything I just care about her as a person. I am just like that it is my nature to be good to people especialy when at one time they did mean something to me. All because someone doesn;t want to be with me does not mean I have to wish any ill or bad things to them.


She is still a person and a human being and despite her issues she at least deseves someone in this world to care about her. i just wish i could reallyhelp her and she would listen to me.

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I can't imagine trying to keep a relationship with an escort if I was uncomfortable with what she did...


I have gone out with necrophiliacs, escorts, and lonely housewives (and that was just one girl) and it didn't scar me any.


I suggest not thinking about it. Maybe a stiff drink at a club, maybe two, and hopefully between the first and second you find someone a bit more proper for your next sexual escapades. That's your ideal situation as I see it.


In fact, the next time you meet a girl, a few nights into the relationship after you've made love and you're laying on your pillows, suggest she be a stripper at a club.


If she agrees she's not for you, dump her and get a new woman.


Hope everything works out for the best

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sorry that this happened to you.

You did everything in your power to help her with good intensions.

But you can only help people who acknowledge they need help or derseves it.

Besides she is your ex and wants to experience life on her own.


It wasn't your fault and have don't everything in your power so no need to live life with regrets.

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I second that! It is HER life and you are not her judge nor her keeper. You are her EX! Do I agree with what she is doing? No, not at all. But I won't judge her because I think differently. You can get a disease from relationship sex, so no sex is really the only safe option for avoiding and STD. Live you life according to your morals and let her live hers. It's obvious you have no affect on her decisions.

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DID you people read my post???


WHERE did I say I thought she was a bad person????????




I think she is making some poor choices and doing bad things. Those poor choices I think were brought on by her bad childhood.


I think she is a great person and not thinking in a normal sense because of whatever is going on inside her heard that is making her think it is ok to do this sort of thing.


When you were growing up did you sit one day and say ya know what I want to be a prostitute??


Yes it is her life and she can do as she wishes that does not mean I should stop worrying about her and if she is ok.


Maybe if you were in my situation you would feel differently.


Or maybe you wouldn't care because thats the type of person you are.


I am who I am and wheather or not what she does is right or wrong to some, to me, it is not right and I stand by my convictions.


You take offense at me???? For what, carring about the well being of another person??? WTH?????


So what if she was my ex or a friend. Taking offense to me for expressing that I care about another person??? That's messed up.


So let me get this straight... SOOOO all because she is my ex then she is no longer a valid human being????


So really if she were dead I shouldn't worry about it all because well hey shes my ex and shouldn't care?


So when a person becomes and ex you they no longer matter right???


Well I don't work that way. Even though she is an ex I do not want to see anythng bad happen to her.


Do you really know the things that can happen to a person while working in that business?


If you think that being an escort is an acceptable thing to do then. I think you have issues as well.


Sure if I didn't care no problem but seeing the ramifications of what being in that business does to people you can not sit here and tell me it is ok on any level.


It is NOT about the realtionship we HAD it is plain and simply the carring for another human beings welfare.


It doesn't matter if she is my ex or not. Same principle as I would stop in the middle of the road to rescue a cat that got hit it is called compassion my friend.


I feel sad and just as bad for all the girls that end up doing this sort of thing.


until you have been where I have been I would suggest that you reserve your quick conclussions to something else.


If you have been where I been and feel that way then I don't think that says much for you as a person or your character.

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I think it's interesting that you titled this post "prostitution and what it has done to ME..." While it's nice that you care about this person, it seems that you care more about what affect this is having on you.


It's kind of presumptuous to assume that every person that's a call girl/prostitute is screwed up or suffering somehow. Even if that were the majority of the cases, it's likely not every single one.


It's not for me (or anyone else) to judge someone who chooses to work in any profession, prostitution or otherwise.

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I, I, I, I. It seems you're only worried about how this affects you.


If you think that being an escort is an acceptable thing to do then. I think you have issues as well.


I just think that people should be able to make their own choices (even if we may think it's wrong) without people judging them.


And yes, I find it offensive when people think they know what's best for a woman's body. It's her body, her life.

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