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I might be interested in this girl....


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Its a awkward situation...


Its my co-workers ex gf. Ya! He did invite me over to his crib, with his ex gf several times. She was very shy or silent.


But now, since this past christmas. She found out, he cheated on her on a few times. So she found me on myspace, and gave me her # immediately. I didn't call, i gave my number to her. And we been talking ever since.

Its weird, like i'm being a middle man. But... She calls me everyday or text me...

Plus i just got out of a relationship, and we're in the same boat. So we both listen to each other problems....

Example "call me any time or text me, name the place when and where, will talk...."


First time, i brought her out. She needs to get out, get things off her mind!

I took her fishing, with my friends for a little while.

Next couple of days, we had lunch together.

Meet at the mall, walk around, have lunch again.

Next day, samething, she came to my house, she needed something to fix on her car, so i gave her a hand.


I just got back, from having ice cream with her.


She always say, call me, whatever you up to or someone to listen. It goes both way, but she still is in love with her ex, crys about him, wants to know everything about him, 411, if he is seeing another girl or something...


Slowly by slowly, i making flirty jokes with her. She laughs and giggles, blush etc....


But way in the beginning of christmas time, she said, "i dunno if your friend told you, but i don't want to lead you on, and your a great nice guy...."


If i bring her out more or so forth, maybe that boundary might be broken, later down the road.


She said tonight.... "if any random guy comes up to me, i'm gonna blow him off..."


So i said, "wow, i should leave than... or i should consider myself lucky!"


She said "yes, you should consider yourself lucky!"



I dunno how far will this go, maybe we might be close friends. Like i have a couple close girl friends, to talk to. I always need a girls opinion!


We pretty much talk everyday, at least 2 times, and send text messages....


But it will be off, if we do date or get serious. I dunno how her ex bf will react, since i work with him! Might lead to this

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Still to fresh to tell.....


I been in this situation before, it took me about 2 months down the line until this other girl open up.... I'm being cautious and slow, so as she....


I'm pretty much the only guy she talk to or trust...


Just now she text me... Hey i need your opinion on some things! Go look at my victoria secret shopping cart... My god!

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