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Dropping a grad course


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I'm a senior undergrad, I'm really interested in math even though that's not my major. I've taken as many math classes as I could without delaying my graduation. I'm going to apply to grad school for applied math.


Anyways, there's this grad class that I really want to take. It sounds interesting and I would love to know more about the subject. So, I contacted the prof teaching the class and got his permission to register for it, which I did. I guess I didn't really think it through cause I was kinda caught up in the moment. But school starts next week and I was looking over my schedule and I have a lot of senior classes required for my major and I'm not going to have a lot of free time for other things. So, I don't think I'm going to have time to take an extra math class. I want to drop it.


Would it be rude to drop this class? I've dropped classes before but I kinda feel bad about dropping this one since I had to get the prof's permission and prove to him that I could handle the class.

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