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How can i keep her interested after the "initial rush"


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Heya iv recently started going out with a attractive girl who is 16 almost 17. I just turned 18 myself. Im curious, to how i can make it so that she will stay interested in my (I know it sounds retarded but like, i know theres always the "you want what you cant have" thing, and now that she has me, and im obvisouly going to show affection im scared im going to show too much, and then she'll be like o snap i already got this guy ")


i don't know what to do to keep that rush in the relationship, to keep the chase on and stuff.


Like to make her still feel excited getting me, without making her feel jealous or left out or anything.



Like tonight for example, me and her were supposed to hang out, and then she asked if she could go to dinner and hang with a bunch of people she used ot hang out with and havnt hung with in forever so i was like ya whatever go for it.


I dont know what way to go about this hah.

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just be yourself. don't text and call all day every day. i know a lot of guys your age like to keep their hands around their gfs nonstop. i see it all the time. things like that. sure, hold hands when you are in public if it's your thing, but i see guys with their whole arms around their girl like she's in a fricken cage. it's ridiculous.

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hah ya i only see her like 2 times a week maybe 3

and stuff don't talk to her on the phone every day, however text each other a nice bit.


im trying to stay the oppisite of clingy but i dont want to be like giving her the whole thing like she has control / but i dont want to be ignoreing her

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nah im pretty hard to get jealous, I was just trippin to myself cause she blew me off to hang with her friends and happens to be that her ex in goinga she was like in love with the kid but other than that, i dont caree. She like hangs with more guys than girls, doesn't bother me cause in the end im the guy shes kissing.


but like how can i keep the like excitment, i was thinking like spontaneous crazy dates,and stuff like without even telling her.

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look at it this way, you can't control what she does. you can tell her you have a problem with her hanging with an ex when you are dating her. if she disregards your feelings or says something like 'well ima do it anyways', get rid of her. you just have to trust her man. if she DOES do anything with the ex and you find out, dump her. so many other girls out there. if you remember there are so many out there, you will have no jealousy, clingyness, etc.

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thats true, Like shes still in highschool so its one of those huge groups of friends. Im just like * * * * if she liked the guy i dont want her to develop feelings for him again.


She like hates him or claims to as of now cause he was a * * * * to her or somthing


i dated a girl like that. you just have to roll with it. she would go to parties where guys that liked her would try and hit on her and all that. they knew me too and knew i'd beat them down. but when i'm not around...different story. ultimately, it's up to your chick. if you hear anything about her wrongdoings with any guy, stick to your guns and get rid of her.

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like im starting to love her, but im not afraid to be like * * * * off, its just.

Im in universtiy shes in highschool.

Shes still a virgin etc, so i know shes not that big of a * * * * if she was one at all.


however i'd have no way to find out, simply cause i dont want to be going to highschool parties with kids that are morons like half the guys she hangs out. And shes always got guys hitting on her straight up being like your hot and stuff. im like yes by

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why not get a college girl then?


like i never ever was one to date anyone younger, iv never done it before, and never intended. But there was somthing about this girl and now im like i really like her, so as much as i wish she was a college girl shes not it sucks.

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