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I have a question... a sexy question..;)... am i strange? :P


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To be honest this is a very recent occurrence (past month?)


My fiancee works at a nursing home, so I give her a back/leg and foot massage when she gets in from work (when i'm there..)


I think it just may be that she has very attractive feet.


*shrug* Either way ^_^

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I don't think you're "strange", because it's common to be attracted to these body parts. But nor is it as common as liking the "regular" body parts. The point is, it's not strange as if you had a thing for nostrils.


I personally have quite an intense affinity for both hands and feet, so much so that on first dates, or in talking to a guy I find attractive, I find myself glancing at both his hands and feet to check them out. And when I haven't seen someone's feet because they are in shoes for all the time I've known them, I start to get a hankering. I've been with a couple of guys whose feet were not at all attractive to me (hands, too, for that matter), and of course I loved them as part of the person, it didn't have a bearing on anything significant, but I wished I could have doted on them more for their form.


I love to give foot massages....and work my way up....


And then there are other erotic things to do with feet...but the #1 rule is they have to been trimmed (toenails), and CLEAN, including under the nails.


And if you've never had your toes sucked, you're missing seeing the inside of your head as your eyes roll back.

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